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The Healthy Channel


Let's Talk Healthyish!

Derek Flanzraich, founder and CEO of shares his health knowledge with us. 

Turn Down For What: Why Saving Calories for Drinking Backfires

Shelia Tucker and Dr. Susan Kelly-Weeder discuss how alcohol and nutrition affect each other. 

Become a Health Coach

Health Coach applications are currently closed but will open again at the start of Spring semester 2018. Watch below to find out what it means to be a Health Coach. 

Health Talk 2015

Find out about the application process for Health Talk and hear what our staff has to say about the event! Applications will go out again later this year so stay tuned for more info. 

Health Coach Appreciation Day

We celebrate our wonderful health coaches at the Office of Health Promotion. 

Derek Flanzraich at BC 

Derek Flanzraich, founder of the health blog Greatist, came by BC to talk about what it means to be Healthy. 

Healthapalooza 2014

Check out Healthapalooza from 2014, get ready for 2015 this September. 

A Look at Our First Healthapalooza!

Click below to view a video of the OHP kickoff event.

Health Talk 2015: Taylor Fischer

“When You Fall Off The Horse” 

Health Talk 2015: Margaret Dauer

"I Don't Look Sick"

Health Talk 2015: Kate Lewis

"Becoming a Warrior"

Health Talk 2015: Chandler Hicks

"The Numbers Game"

Health Talk 2015: Ashley Watson

"Setting Life in Motion"

Health Talk 2015: Catherine Senoyuit

“Mom, tutor, and nurse: Learning how to 'make it all better'"

Health Talk 2015: Kevin Kane

"A Balancing Act"

Health Talk 2014: Mark Burns

“One Too Many” 

Health Talk 2014: Sabrina Caraffa

“When Life Flashes Before You” 

Health Talk 2014: Nora Jean-Baptiste

“As It Happened Inside My Mind” 

Health Talk 2014: Patience Marks

“Toe to Toe with Malaria” 

Health Talk 2014: Griffin Sharp

“Life to the Full” 

Health Talk 2014: Alexandra Truglio

“Embodying a Healthy Happiness” 

Health Talk 2014: Xijun Zhu

“Bruised But Not Broken” 

Health Talk 2016: Kelly Coleman 

"The Social Media Challenge" 

Health Talk 2016: Carolyn Barett 

"The Inevitable Question" 

Health Talk 2016: Lauren Havens 

"Embracing the Waves" 

Health Talk 2016: Erin Ducey 

"This is Where the Title Goes" 

Health Talk 2016: Vicki Coates 

"Maybe Tomorrow Will Be Better" 

Health Talk 2016: Eleni Papadopoulos 

"The Perfect Storm" 

Health Talk 2016: Lindsay Stone 

"A Qualitatively Healthy Me" 

Health Talk 2016: Rebecca Freda 

"If You Give a Student a Cooke" 

Health Talk 2016: Kellie O'Leary

"The Girl on Crutches" 

Health Talk 2017 - Emily Murphy 

"Falling Down, Fighting Back, and Finding Enough" 

Health Talk 2017: Maggie Ma

"The Science of Combating Depressive Symptoms"

Health Talk 2017: Emma Llosa

"Highs and Lows" 

Health Talk 2017: Bethany Candage 

"I'm Not Hiding" 

Health Talk 2017: Julia Bogiages 

"Remember to Wait" 

Health Talk is designed to showcase remarkable student health experiences worth sharing with the BC community. 

Feel free to listen and be moved by these powerful messages! 

Health Talk 2018 - Caroline Allieri 

"The Best Four Years"

Health Talk 2018 - Madeline Jenkins 

"The Learning Curve"

Health Talk 2018 - Logan Sands

"Nobody Should Struggle Alone"

Health Talk 2018 - Stephanie Nekoroski

"Self Love in the City of Love"

Health Talk 2018 - Isabella Greene

"Life as a Zebra"

Health Talk 2018 - Juliana Barounis 

"Listen, Talk, Feel"

Health Talk 2018 - Jerry Luk

"I Used to Be a Power Ranger"