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The Office of Graduate Student Life

Graduate Student Life Programs at Boston College

The Office of Graduate Student Life sponsors a number of campus-wide initiatives for all graduate students at Boston College.  From this page you can access information about several of our anchor programs.

Please click the links below for an updated schedule
and more information on the following programs:

Graduate Mentor Program

The Boston College Graduate Mentor Program matches Boston College graduate and professional students with Boston College undergraduate students from low income, first generation, or underrepresented backgrounds.  The program is designed to help participants share experiences around graduate studies, how the choice was made to pursue a particular discipline, and the challenges and rewards of being a graduate student. The ultimate goal is to have participants share stories and offer support and guidance in exploring graduate work.  

Learning Outcomes

Graduate students who participate in the Graduate Mentor Program as Mentors will be able to...

  • Define mentoring
  • Identify and explain at least 2-3 skills necessary for effective mentorship

Undergraduate students who participate in the Graduate Mentor Program as Mentees will be able to...‚Äč

  • Describe the graduate school application process
  • Compare and contrast the undergraduate and graduate student experiences


Dissertation Boot Camp

The Dissertation Boot Camp will help students progress through the difficult writing stages of the dissertation process and towards its completion. By offering an environment and support for intense, focused writing time, the camp provides participants with the structure and motivation to overcome typical roadblocks in the dissertation process. 


Learning Outcomes

Students who attend Dissertation Boot Camp will be able to...

  • Outline a step by step process to writing their thesis after the camp
  • Describe their writing behaviors and how it is impacted by their life style
  • Determine at least one way they can adjust their writing strategy, including but not limited to developing realistic writing goals

Grads Give Back

This annual event sponsored by the Office of Graduate Student Life, Graduate Student Association, Graduate Education Association, and Law Student Association aims to engage with the Boston community through a day of service activities.

Graduate and Professional Student Orientation

The Office of Graduate Student Life, the Office of the Provost, University Libraries, and the Graduate Student Association welcomes the incoming class to Boston College during our New Graduate and Professional Student Orientation.

The Orientation schedule includes a welcome address, returning graduate student panels, a BBQ lunch, campus tours, a resource fair, library tours, educational sessions, and a welcome reception! Educational sessions comprise of financial services, getting to know Boston, doctoral student support, a spouse/partner/family panel, and more.


Learning Outcomes

Students who attend the New Graduate and Professional Student Orientation will be able to...

  • Identify at least two academic or administrative buildings on campus
  • Locate one of the campus libraries
  • Identify at least two opportunities for involvement as a graduate student
  • Anticipate one potential challenge they may face as a graduate student and identify a resource they would utilize for support in navigating that challenge

GPS: Navigating Student Life at Boston College
Goals. Purpose. Success. 

Graduate school can be a rewarding experience, but also a very challenging one. Transitioning to a new campus and academic environment, building new relationships with peers and professors, and figuring out what you will do after graduation are among some of the issues many graduate students may struggle with.

GPS is an overnight retreat experience for first-year graduate students designed to provide a much-needed space for engagement in self-reflection and meaningful conversation about the realities of graduate school at Boston College.  GPS also aims to integrate the process of vocational discernment into graduate student's lives as they prepare for their chosen career path. 


Learning Outcomes

Students who attend GPS will be able to...

List the "Three Be's" of Jesuit Education:
1. Be attentive.
2. Be reflective.
3. Be loving. 

List the Three Key Questions of Michael Himes' approach to discernment. 
1. What brings me joy?
2. What am I good at?
3. Who does the world need me to be?