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The Office of Graduate Student Life

School & College Student Governments

Graduate Education Association
The GEA is a student-run organization that serves all graduate students in the Lynch School of Education. This website provides you access to news and updates from the GEA and around campus, our calendar of upcoming events, and useful resources to help you navigate graduate student life at BC.

Graduate History Alliance
Representing the graduate students of the History Department in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, the Graduate History Alliance (GHA) with GSA support provides conference funding, social events, professionalization help, and the all-important coffee and donuts to its MA and PhD students. Officers are elected each year to represent History grad students and advocate for student issues in and out of the department. We are located in Stokes S 3rd Floor, follow us on twitter @GHAatBC!

Graduate Management Association
The GMA is the elected student government of the Carroll Graduate School of Management. Our mission is to enhance the professional, academic and social graduate student experience through, but not limited to, club activities, programming recommendations, and social events. We work closely with the administration to build the community and visibility of our program. We also work with CGSOM clubs to bring potential employers and career opportunities to the student body. We want to bring together graduate students to increase your network and to promote the feeling of community. To make sure it is not all work and no play, we organize social events

Graduate Nursing Association
All graduate students of the Boston College School of Nursing are members of the Graduate Nurses Association (GNA). There is no enrollment form or entry fee. Please see our calendar of events and make an effort to attend! Email us at

Graduate School of Social Work Collective
The GSSW Student Collective is the governing body for students in the Graduate School of Social Work. The purpose of the Student Collective is to enhance the quality of student life through programs, activities, and open meetings. It promotes communication among students and serves as a liaison between students and administration. Within the Student Collective there are various groups and committees that focus on specific areas of interest. All committees are open for participation to all GSSW students during the entire year.

School of Theology and Ministry Student Forum

The Student Forum is a council of representatives from the STM student body comprised of elected officers and appointed committee chairs. These representatives coordinate and fund student programming; provide a forum for discussions of school academic and student life policies, curriculum, community life and formation; and act as a liason between STM students, administration and faculty. 

Law Student Association

The Law Student Association is the elected student government in the law school. The LSA ensures that students are appointed to important law school committees and presents student interests to the faculty and administration. It also offers a broad range of professional, social and recreational activities for students. In addition the LSA sponsors basketball, hockey, softball, soccer, golf, rugby, and volleyball teams.

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