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Global Public Health

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All courses apply a broad view of health that includes physical, mental, and social, and spiritual well-being. In addition, the sequence takes a broad view of global, which transcends national boundaries to include domestic issues in the United States and health challenges around the world. An inherent principle in public health is advancing social justice, and the Global Public Health program focuses on at-risk populations and on reducing health disparities.

The three-course sequence that provides the foundation of the Global Public Health program is composed of the following courses, which must be taken in sequence, starting with NURS 1210:

Course 1 (NURS 1210): Public Health in a Global Society. Offered in Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.

This foundation course presents public health as an interdisciplinary science focused on health promotion and disease prevention at the population level. It provides an overview of the history of public health, the global burden of disease, the sub-disciplines of public health, and emphasizes the collaborative nature of the public health field through examples in research and practice. [This course also counts toward the Social Science Core requirement.]

Course 2 (NURS 3210): Contemporary Issues in Public Health. Offered in Spring 2019.

This course provides students the opportunity to apply the foundational skills of public health to contemporary public health issues. It integrates data and research to begin a more in-depth examination of the major burdens of disease and emerging areas of public health concern. Principles and concepts learned in NURS 1210: Public Health in a Global Society are reinforced through a focus on specific health conditions, behaviors, and topics.

*Prerequisites: NURS 1210 or NURS 4260

Course 3 (APSY405001): Public Health Practice in the Community.  Offered in Spring 2019.

This course puts public health into practice, with an experience of community engagement and public health activity. Students will develop a deeper understanding of applying public health principles and evidence-based practice in a community setting, locally or globally. Themes stressed in the previous two courses will be reinforced, this time in practice, including: the importance of data and evidence, the interdisciplinary approach to solving public health problems, and a focus on at-risk populations and reducing health disparities.

*Prerequisites: NURS 1210 and NURS 3210

Students interested in learning more about the Global Public Health program should contact