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Global Public Health

April 2

The Importance of Reproductive Health to Ending HIV (Massachusetts General Hospital)

PMTCT in Kenya: Updates on the EMMA study (BU)

SPH Kickoff to National Public Health Week Surgeon General Keynote Screening (BU)

April 3

Who Really Is in Control? Public Health & Gun Control. Annual Meeting of Friends of Brookline Public Health (Public Library of Brookline)

April 4

Promoting the Mental Health of Children and Youth Facing Adversity (BC)

Dreamland: The True Story of America's Opiate Epidemic (BC)

Violence, Memory, and Religion among Survivors of Clerical Sexual Abuse (BC)

The Fierce Urgency of Now (BC)

Health in the Headlines: Reporting on Health Policy in the Trump Era (Harvard)

April 5

Healthy Soil, Healthy Minds: Connecting Health, Environment, and Ethics (BC)

Queer Alliance Be Yourself Room (BU)

Here's To Flint Film Screening hosted by One Health (BU)

Zumba with SPH for National Public Health Week (BU)

April 6

Center for Retirement Research at Boston College Aging Seminar (BC)

THE GUN VIOLENCE EPIDEMIC: Protecting the Public’s Health (Harvard)

April 9

Medical Humanities Alumni Panel (BC)

Susie Foster: (Almost) 40 years of global health (BU)

April 10

Think. Teach. Do. NYC - "Research at the Intersection of Public Health and Court Systems" (BU)

Update for 2018: Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) (Massachusetts General Hospital)

April 11

How to Fix Youth Sports Concussion Laws: Neuroscientific Perspectives (Harvard)

April 12

OPIOIDS AND ADDICTION: A Governors Roundtable on State Approaches to Treatment (Harvard)

April 13

Higher Education Access for All: Disabled Youth (BC)

Limerence: Treating a Condition your Therapist Never Heard of (BC)

How Poverty Can Lead to a Broken Heart (BC)

Nations at Risk: The Changing Distributions of Population Health Colloquium (Harvard)

April 13-15

Gun Violence Prevention Challenge Summit & Hack-a-thon (Massachusetts General Hospital)

April 16

Film Screening: The Power to Heal (Harvard)

April 17

COLLEGE STUDENTS AND MENTAL HEALTH: Confronting an Emerging Crisis (Harvard)

April 18

Take Back the Night (BC)

Men's Role in #Me Too (BC)

GH Presentation: “They did not tell me anything”: Measuring, Understanding, and Improving Person-Centered Maternity Care (BU)

The Conservative Case for Universal Coverage (BU)

April 19

Webinar: Making Sense of #MeToo (BC)

Vivian Nixon on Mass Incarceration (BC)

Equity and Social Justice:Your Leadership Voice: Challenging the Narrative on Diversity, Race and Health (Harvard)

April 20

Bandwidth Recovery: Reclaiming Cognitive Resources Lost to Poverty, Racism, and Other "Differentisms" (BC)

Earth Day Fair 2018 (BC)

DEAN'S SYMPOSIUM—Changing the Climate: How Public Health, Cities, and the Media can Advance Climate Solutions (BU)

April 21

Intersectionality & Health: Breaking Down Barriers (BU)

April 23-27

American Red Cross of Boston College's April Blood Drive (BC)

April 23

Screening of "Voices that Heal" with special guests (BC)

The Alzheimer Enigma: The Causes of the Dementia Epidemic (Harvard)

Spirituality and Leadership (Harvard)

Cross-national comparison of socioeconomic gradients in diabetes (BU)

Ten years and going strong: Academic-community partnerships for evidence-based public health programming (BU)

April 24

The State of Sustainability: Boston (BC)

Emily Rothman: Learn more about signs of healthy and unhealthy dating & sexual relationships on college campuses (BC)

Pharmaceutical Certificate event: Meet the Experts - Gates Medical Research Institute (BU)

Addiction Advocacy and Clinical Case Conference (BU)

April 25

Boston College Public Health Club presents: Conquering the Opioid Epidemic (BC)

Nonprofit Panel (BC)

Kevin Commiskey - Methods for Estimating the Health Effects of Exposure to Point Sources of Emissions Using Large-Scale and Diverse Data Sources (Harvard)

Katharine Correia - Statistical Methods for Assessing Complex Multi-Exposure Data in HIV and Genetic Epidemiology (Harvard)

Georgia Papadogeorgou - Casual Inference Methods in Air Pollution Research (Harvard)

April 26

Biostats in Public Health Day (BU)

EPI Plus EH Seminar - Why epidemiologists (& other health professionals) must reckon with racism - Nancy Kreiger, PhD (BU)

April 27

Salmanowitz and LaMattina Social Justice Film Screenings (BC)

Our Aging Brains: Decision-making, Fraud, and Undue Influence (Harvard) Texting Ourselves To Death: Is Distracted Driving a Solvable Problem or a Fact of Life? (Harvard)

16th Annual Jonathan Freeman Symposium on Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Harvard)

Emily Slade - Statistical Methods for Multi-omics Data (Harvard)

April 28

Love Your Block Neighborhood Cleanup (BC)

Gun Safety Advocacy Workshop (BU)

April 30

Reimagining the Frontier of Public Health Approaches to Eating Disorders Prevention: Transdisciplinary, Translational, Transformative (Harvard)

BUMC Global Health Grand Rounds: Best Practices for Safe, Culturally Sensitive, and Sustainable Global Health Learning Experiences (BU)

PUBLIC HEALTH FORUM—Crises, Calamities, and Chaos: How Public Health Can Improve Response to Emerging Threats Wherever They Arise (BU)

Can Innovation and the Digital Revolution Save Healthcare? (The Healthcare Transformation Lab at Mass General)

February 1

Dr. Jonathan Quick in conversation w/ Dr. Ashish Jha – The End of Epidemics (Harvard Coop)

Self-Driving Cars: Pros and Cons for the Public's Health (Harvard)

February 2

Behind the Faces of Mental Health (Bringing Back Boston)

February 5-8

American Red Cross of Boston College’s February Blood Drive (BC)

February 5

Beliefs about HIV treatment in the age of mass ART: evidence from rural South Africa (BU)

February 6

Governing and Mental Health Policy: Addiction, Poverty, Guns and Prisons (Harvard)

Alumni in the Field: Global Health to Local Politics: Effective Strategies to Create Change (BU)

February 7

Global Public Health Program Presents: Public Health Internship Panel (BC)

Drivers of Infectious Disease Dynamics Across Biological Scales: Implications for Control (Harvard)

Can We Talk? Bridging Political Divides for the Health of the Public (BU)

February 8

The Conduct of Clinical Trials of Treatments during Public Health Emergencies: A Health Policy and Bioethics Consortium (Harvard)

February 9

EH Gijs van Seventer Seminar: Epigenetic and Gene- Environment Interactions Impacting Environmental Health(BU)

February 12

Together to End Violence Against Women: Results of a mixed methods study to test interpersonal and community level interventions to prevent intimate partner violence in Tanzania (BU)

Collaborative Approaches in Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration Efforts: Working at the Intersection of Public Health, Social Work, and Medicine (BU)

The Epidemic of Poverty: The Government Imperative (Harvard)

February 13

Religion, Spirituality, and Compassionate Healthcare: A Conversation with Dr. Ronald Lacro (BC)

February 14

Public Health Forum: Applying Lessons Learned from the Master Settlement Agreement with Big Tobacco to Other Industries (BU)

Lessons from the Streets: Three Decades Caring for Boston’s Rough Sleepers (Harvard)

Epidemiology Seminar Series: Deconstructing the Biologic Complexity of Neurodegenerative Diseases (Harvard)

February 15

Medical Humanities Internship Panel (BC)

February 22

The Ethics of Food and the Health of the Planet (BC)

Lessons From Nepal: Visiting Scholar Lecture (Wheelock)

February 23

Documentary Screening: “Why Us? Left Behind and Dying” (BU)

February 24

Urban Environmental Justice Conference (Harvard)

February 26

University–Community Partnerships to Improve Maternal Mental Health Outcomes (BC)

Environmental and Occupational Exposure Assessment: From concussions to kidney disease (BU)

February 27

BCCWF Roundtable Member Spotlight: Herman Miller "Be Nice" (BC)

Careers in Health and Healthcare Networking Night (BC)

Accompaniment in Practice: A Conversation with Paul Farmer (BC)

MCH in Action- Film Screening of Death By Delivery: A Look into Maternal Mortality in the U.S. (BU)

November 1

Healthcare Industry Connector - Hosted by Health Sciences Entrepreneurs (Northeastern)

Promoting Parks as a Resource for Health (Harvard)

November 2

Food and Climate Change: A Conversation with Michael Pollan hosted by Juliet Schor (BC)

Racial Justice Talking Circle (BU)

November 3

Military Medicine with Dr. Aaron Saguil hosted by BCEMS in Fulton 235 at 4pm (BC)

November 6

Simplifying HIV treatment initiation in the SLATE trial in South Africa and Kenya: preliminary results and future plans (BU)

November 7

Rappaport Institute Public Policy Summer Fellowship Info Session (BU)

Racial Disparities in Access and Utilization of Neurologic Care (Massachusetts General Hospital)

Agriculture, Nutrition, Health, and the Environment in Africa (Harvard)

Down the Rabbit Hole: HIV-1, Mx2, and the Nuclear Pore Complex (BC)

November 9

Corcoran Center Summer Internship Info Session (BC)

November 13

Addressing Global Health Challenges, One Child at a Time: Fireside Chat with Navyn Salem ('94), Founder and CEO of Edesia Nutrition (BC)

Responding to the Global Refugee Crisis at BC and Beyond: Dinner and Community Conversation (BC)

November 14

Foundation for Change: Faculty Perspectives on Health & Education in Haiti & Colombia (BC)

A panel discussion on the Rohingya refugee crisis in Myanmar (BC)

November 15

Air Pollution and Mortality in China: Results of Recent Cohort Studies (BU)

Careers in MCH, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Gender and Sexuality (BU)

November 16

Nature and Health – Inextricably Linked (Harvard)

October 16

Epidemiology Counts: On Causes, Consequences, and Healthy Populations (Harvard)

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Fall Prospective Student Information Session (Harvard)

October 17

Post Graduate Service Fair (BC)

Measuring Value in Healthcare (Harvard)

October 18

Higher Education Master's Programs/Life as a Graduate Student and New Professional (BC)

October 19

Social Demography Seminar at Harvard Pop Center (Harvard)

October 23

Information Session: Learn about public health programs at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice and Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University (BC)

Intervening to Reduce Exposures to Cook-Smoke and Improve Infant Health in Rural Ghana (BU)

October 24

Slam the Stigma: Slam Poetry and Spoken Word about Mental Health (BC)

October 25

STEM Career & Internship Fair (BC)

Information Session Hosted by BCPHC: Learn about the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health from their Associate Director of Admissions in Higgins 300 at 5:30 (BC)

October 26

Rural Medicine: A South African Perspective (BC)

Global Health and the Future Role of the United States (Harvard)

October 30

Can New Drug Regimens Solve the HIV Crisis (BU)

Clean Energy is Today’s Moon Shot: A Discussion of John F. Kennedy's Vision for Innovation and Environmentalism and the Challenges and Opportunities of Climate Change (UMass Boston)

April 3      Social Entrepreneurship - Janji: Meet CEO & Co-Founder Dave Spandorfer (BC)

April 3      Eagle Internship Stipend Final Deadline (BC)

April 3      Working Across Sectors to Create the Healthiest Nation (webinar)

April 3      Movie Night: Contagion (Newton Free Library)

April 4      A Nation in Recovery: The Opioid Crisis Under the Trump Administration (BC)

April 4      TB: A New Look at an Old Problem (Brookline Main Library)

April 4      It's Easy Being Green at Home (Brookline Main Library)

April 4      Advancing Physical Activity through Innovative Approaches (webinar)

April 4-5  SEC & ACC Virtual Career Fair (online)

April 5      Government Careers Information Forum (BU)

April 5      Dean's Symposium - Building Healthy Cities: Boston and Beyond (BU)

April 6      Careers in Health & Healthcare (BC)

April 6      Health & Methane Gas Leaks (Brookline DPH)

April 7      Just in Time Career & Internship Fair (BC)

April 7      Narrative Medicine Symposium (BWH)

April 10    SACHAMAMA Public Health & Sustainability (BC)

April 10    Dean's Seminar - Income Inequality and Health in America: A Lancet

                Special Issue (BU)

April 12    Health Professions Personal Statement Workshop (webinar)

April 12    Public Health Forum - Preventing Memory Loss and Dementia (BU)

April 13    Dean's Seminar - It’s Not About the Bathroom: The Fight for Transgender 

                Equality (BU)

April 19    Moral Agency and the Neuroscience of Addiction (BC)

April 19    Successful Summer Workshop (BC)

April 19    UMass Memorial Community HealthLink (CHL)

April 21    Pharmaceutical Industry Job Shadow Trek: Visit Novartis (BC)

April 24    We Talk: Women's Health (BC)

April 24-27American Red Cross of Boston College's April Blood Drive (BC)

April 25    Promoting an Implementation Science Agenda on Mental Health

                 in Settings of Adversity: From Refugees in the U.S. to Youth in 

                Sub-saharan Africa (BC)

April 25    US and International Healthcare Policy (BC)

April 26    Mental Illness in the Media (BC)

March 1   Flow: For the Love of Water (BC)

March 1   Eagle Internship Stipend Early Action Deadline (BC)

March 1   Dean's Seminar - Jewish Medical Resistance in the Holocaust (BU)

March 2   Health, Politics, and Planned Parenthood (BU)

March 14 CSON Direct Master's Entry Program Info Session (BC)

March 14 The Road From the Paris Climate Agreement (BC)

March 16 Community Health in Action (6-7pm, Gasson 205)

March 20 Ending AIDS: The Politics of Possibility (BU)

March 20 Dispatches from the North: Learning from Canadian Health Care (BU)

March 22  Positively Instrumental: Celebrating the Power of Global Science  (Novartis


March 22 Maine v. Kaci Hickox: Public Health Protection or Ebola Panic? (BU)

March 22 Ethical Challenges from the Pharmaceutical Industry (BC)

March 22 MIT-Harvard Microbiome Symposium (MIT)

March 23 Cities & Kids: Enabling Optimal Development for Urban Youth (BU)

March 27 Anticipating the Third Century of the National Library of Medicine: Driving 

                Discovery from Data (BC)

March 28 CSON Traditional Master's Entry Info Session (BC)

March 28 Exclusive MTV Shuga Down South Screening in Boston (BU)

March 28 Creating Culture, Making Change: The Role of Entertainment in Global 

                Health (BU)

March 29 Behavioral Policy in Contexts of Scarcity (BU)

March 29 Education & Social Services Career Fair (BC)

March 30 Park Street Series - What's Wrong With Me?: The Mysteries of Chronic 

                Illness (BC)

March 30 Syrian Refugee Experiences: Information Precarity and Role of Cell Phones (BC)

March 30 The Opportunity Project: Access to Childcare and Transportation (BC)

March 31 Unseen Enemy Screening (Harvard Kennedy School, 75 JFK Street, 

                Cambridge, Littauer Room 150, 2:30-4pm)

February 1    Corcoran Center Summer Internship Info Session (BC)

February 1    Dean's Symposium - Reducing Health Inequities: Advancing Meaningful 

                     Change (BU)

February 2    The Opioid Crisis: Disrupting the Status Quo (BC)

February 3    Could You Live on $2 a Day? (RSVP to for location)

February 7    Biotech, Health & Science Virtual Fair (online)

Date TBD      Careers in Health & Healthcare (BC)

February 16  Minimum Legal Ages for Electronic Cigarettes: Lasting, 

                     Differential Effects (12pm, Maloney 365)

February 16  Dean's Seminar: Contemporary Issues in Public Health - Can the Private

                     Sector Make a Difference? (BU)

February 20  GlobeMed Presents: World Day of Social Justice (10-2, Mac Floor 1)

February 21  Diversity and Inclusion Seminar - A Conversation with the Family of

                     Henrietta Lacks (BU)

February 23  Beyond Flint: Social, Health, and Policy Implications of Lead Exposure

                     in Boston (12:30pm, McGuinn 521)

February 23  Park Street Series - Recovery: The Making of HBO's "Marathon: The

                      Patriots Day Bombing" (BC)

February 23  Chamber Lecture Series - Forensic Pathologist and Neuropathologist Dr.

                     Bennet Omalu (BC)

February 23  Getting Started in Government & Non-Profit (BC)

February 24  Public Health Forum: The Health Policies of the New Administration:

                     Applying the Epidemiology of Politics (BU)

February 28  Symposium: Leading for Social Impact (BC)

February 28  The Health Policies of the New Administration: Applying the 

                     Epidemiology of Politics (BU)December 1    Preventing the Next Global Pandemic: Lessons from Ebola and

                      Zika (BC)

December 1    Global Public Health Program: Public Health Internship Panel (BC)

December 1    How Does Where You Live Affect Your Health? (BU)

December 5    Environment & Society: Research in a Changing World (BC)

January 9    Columbia Mailman School of Public Health: Tips for Submitting a

                   Competitive Application (Webinar)

January 10    Columbia Mailman School of Public Health: Tips for Submitting a

                     Competitive Application (Webinar)

January 19    SOPHAS Virtual Public Health Graduate Program Fair (Webinar)

January 25    Boston University Public Health School Info Session (BC, Fulton 135 7-8pm)

January 25    Public Health Forum - A Global Perspective on Obesity: Related Health

                     Disparities in the United States (BU)

January 25    Diversity and Inclusion Seminar - Documentary Screening of the

                    Abominable Crime: An Evening with Maurice Tomlinson, Jamaican Lawyer

                    and Gay Rights Activist (BU)

January 25    Spring Career & Internship Fair (BC)

January 26    Park Street Series - Lessons from the Streets: Three Decades Caring

                     for Boston's Rough Sleepers (BC)

January 26    Dean's Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Public Health -

                     Wishlist for the President (BU)

January 27    Nursing Career & Internship Fair (BC)

November 1       Overlooked & Overdosed: Stories of Recovery Road (BC)

November 2       Operation Health: Surgery's Emerging Role in Global

                          Health (webinar)

November 3       Disability Bioethics: Toward Theory and Practice (BC)

November 3       Dean’s Seminar--HIV: Succeeding at Treatment, Failing at

                          Prevention (BU)

November 7       The Impact of Green Buildings on Cognitive Function: Merging

                           Environmental Science with Health Science (BC)

November 7       Minding the Gap: What generational data can tell us about mental

                           health, happiness, and resilience among today’s college

                           students (BC)

November 7       Admissions Information Session: School of Public Health (Harvard)

November 9       Public Health Forum--The Good Life: Working Together to Protect

                          and Improve Population Health and Well-Being (BU)

November 16     SOPHAS Virtual Public Health Program Fair (Webinar)

November 17     Escaping Melodrama: What should we learn, but what do we learn,

                          from the infamous research studies in Tuskegee and

                          Guatemala? (BC)

November 18     Admissions Information Session: School of Public Health (Harvard)

November 28     Admissions Information Session: School of Public Health (Harvard)

October 1           Prospective Student Information Session: School of Public

                           Health (Harvard)

October 3           Admissions Information Session: School of Public Health (Harvard)

October 5           Professors, Pastries & Professions: Health and Life Sciences (BC)

October 12         INFECTioUS (MIT)

October 17         STEM Career & Internship Fair Prep (BC)

October 18-19    Forum on Population Health Equity (Harvard)

October 19         STEM Career & Internship Fair (BC)

October 19         Public Health Club Presents: The Red Dot Project (BC)

October 19         Bicknell Lecture 2016--E-Cigarettes: Good Idea? Bad Idea? (BU)

October 24         Timmy Global Health Presents: Nutrition and Inequality in

                           Ecuador (BC)

October 24         Prospective Student Information Session: School of Public

                           Health (Harvard)

October 25         Dartmouth College MPH & MS in Healthcare Research Info

                           Session (BC)

October 25         ASPPH Presents: Graduate School Financial Aid for

                           Beginners (Webinar)

October 26         Public Health Forum--The Fate of Obamacare (BU)

May 2      Impact of the Greek Economic Crisis on Health and Health Care (Harvard) 

May 2      The Psychological Lives of the Poor (J-Pal)

May 2      The Logic, Urgency, and Promise of Tackling Climate Change (Harvard)

May 6      Big Data, Health Law, and Bioethics (Harvard)

May 9      Rethinking Global Health at MIT (MIT) 

May 10    5th Annual Mass General Global Health Expo (MassGen) 

May 16    Creating Culturally Relevant Mental Health Interventions for Refugees


May 18    Mobile Tech for Nonprofits: A Global Health Success Story (TNB) 

May 24    No Patient Left Behind: Social Determinants of Health Impacting

                Access to Radiology (Disparity Solutions Center) 

May 26    Ethical Issues in Disaster Response (MassGen)

March 3        Refugee Crisis: Migration into Europe and its Political and Economical

                     Implications (BC)

March 3        When Terror Strikes: Maximizing Survival During Multi-Site

                     Attacks (Boston)

March 3        Practical, Scientific Methods for Improving Health, Healthcare, and Your

                     Life (Harvard)

March 3        Film Screening: It's a Girl (BU) 

March 5        Harvard Social Enterprise Conference (Harvard) 

March 9        Autism, Advocacy, and Assistive Technology (Autism Center of MA)

March 15      Insights on Population Health Measurement (BU) 

March 15      Finding Community Based Solutions to Food-Insecurity

                     (Social Innovation Forum) 

March 16      Advancing Research and Scholarship: Big Data (BC) 

March 18      Zika and Preparedness and Response: A Public Health and Legal

                     Perspective (Webinar)

February 1      Technology in Nursing Research (Northeastern) 

February 2      World Health Organization Executive Session Debrief (GHC) 

February 3      Jimmy Carter Lecture on Guinea Worm (Carter Center)

February 8      Post Disaster Child Mental Health (MassGen) 

February 8      Mobile Technology for Ebola Response: What did we learn? (PIH)

February 10    The Quest to Eradicate Malaria: a progress report (MassGen) 

February 16     Celebrate Black History Month with Racial and Ethnic Disparities

                        Looking Back Seminar (MassGen)

February 18    Public Forum on Mass Incarceration and Gentrification

February 18    Working Conditions Matter: Social, Health, and Policy Perspectives on

                       the Nail Salon Industry (BC)

February 23    Going Beyond Data Collection: Collecting the Social Determinants of

                        Health (MassGen) 

February 23    Developing Effective Citizen Responses to Discrimination and

                        Harassment Online (Harvard) 

February 24     Education and Social Service Career Fair (BC)

January 20          A Conversation with Mararet A Hamburg, FDA Commissioner


January 20-21     CAMtech India Entrepreneur Bootcamp (MassGen) 

January 25          Online Course: Readings in Global Health (Harvard)

January 26          Preventing Gun Violence: Public Health Perspectives (Webinar) 

January 26          Advancing Public Health Science for Global Health (BU)

December 1         This Changes Everything Documentary Screening (Allston)

December 2         The Cutter Lecture: Dimitrios Trichopoulos Memorial

                             Symposium (Harvard) 

December 2         I Am Not Your Costume (BC)

December 3         Harvard's China Forum - Healthcare Reform in China (Harvard)

December 3         Intergenerational Trauma and the Science of Suffering (Tufts) 

December 4          Coffee and Career Session: Start Planning for the Summer (BC)

December 4         20 Years of HAART - and Lessons for the Next Twenty! (MassGen) 

December 7         Muscles and Male Violence: What's the Connection? (Harvard) 

December 8         Black and Latina Women: Rising Through the Storm (Encuentro

                            Diaspora Afro)

December 9         Stokely Carmichael - A Conversation (Haley House)

December 9         State of Clinical Diagnostics for STIs (Webinar)  

December 11       Race to Equity: A Report on the State of Black Massachusetts

December 14       Current Topics in Diversity: The Road to a More Perfect

                            Union (MassGen)

December 17       Global Women's Health Fall 2015 Research Retreat  (Brigham &


November 2        The World’s Most Powerful Force for Change: Jin In (MIT)

November 4        Dr. Paul Farmer: The Current State of Global Health (BU)

November 4        Forum: The Global Outreach of Boston Hospitals (Simmons)

November 4        Medical Humanities Discussion of Still Alice (BC)

November 5        Disruptive Technologies in Healthcare (Beth Israel)

November 5        Applying Lessons in Cultural Competency (Webinar)

November 5        Faculty Speakers Series: Lessons from Ebola (Harvard)

November 5-8    Mind Body Medicine: New Science and Best Practices to Meet

                           Public Health Challenges (Harvard) 

November 7        In and Out of Sync: How Does Light Impact Our Health? (Harvard)

November 9-10  SOPHAS Public Health Schools Virtual Career Fair (Webinar)

November 14      Igniting Innovation Summit on Social Entrepreneurship (Harvard)

November 16      Trauma, Violence, and Health of Global Populations (MassGen)

November 18      International Careers Virtual Networking Event (BC)

October 7         Doctor, Patient, Writer: Personal Illness Narratives (MGH) 

October 8         Life Sciences and Health Professions" Professors and Pastries (BC)

October 8         Synthetic Biology: Science, Policy, and Ethics (Harvard) 

October 13        Forgiveness and the Pursuit of Justice (BC) 

October 13        The Health of Refugees: Europe in Crisis  (BU) 

October 14        An International Perspective on Education Reforms for Equity

                           and Quality (BC)

October 15        Boston Health Sciences Open House (Tufts)

October 21        Biknell Lecture 2015: Should the Mission of Public Health Be the

                          Eradication of Poverty? (BU)

October 22        Public Health, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Panel (BC) 

October 22        Innovation and the Public Good: Massachusetts and South Africa


October 22         Article 25: The Right to Health Professor Panel (BC)

October 27         Why Public Health is Critical in a Precision Medical World (BU) 

October 27          Leadership in the Quest for Health Equity (Webinar)

October 28         Lunch with an Entrepreneur: Joe Matarese, Medicus Healthcare

                            Solutions (BC) 

October 30         A Prescription for Better Healthcare: Disruptive Innovation,

                            Transparency, and Patient Engagement (BU)

September 1        "What's New for Health Insurance? Understanding the ACA" (BC)

September 8         Health in the Era of Sustainable Development (Harvard)

September 8         When in Distress, Every Man Becomes Our Neighbor (MassGen)

September 10-11  Inaugural Forum on Population Health Equity (Harvard)

September 15        A Dialogue on Homelessness (BU)

September 15        Foods for Chronic Diseases:Compounds and Biomarkers (Harvard)

September 15        Webinar: Preventing Suicide- A Public Health Approach (CDC)

September 17        Boston Children's Hospital Global Health Research Day (MassGen)

September 18        HIV Prevention: Beyond the Condom (Dept of Public Health)

September 22        Pathogens, Health Systems and Ebola Epidemic (Tufts)

September 24        Webinar: Curricula for Adolescents Preventing Smoking

September 28        Troubled Teens to Tsarnev: Adolescent Neuroscience (Harvard)

September 29        Public Health Priorities for an Aging Population (BU)

September 30        Careers in Health Care (BC)

March 3              Health Equity in Action (CHI)

March 3            Falling in Love with Food, Advertising and Public Health

March 3            What Shapes Health (Webinar)

March 5            Addiction, Self-Control and Criminal Responsibility

March 6            Microbial Sciences Initiative (Harvard)

March 12          Microbial Sciences Initiative (Harvard)

March 12          Is Healthy Neurodevelopment a Civil Right? (MassGen)

March 16          Countering Ebola: What Have We Learned? (Simmons)

March 17          Justice in Access in Health Care (BC)  

March 17          Conversations About Serious Illness and Mortality 

March 18          Public Health Forum (BU)

March 19          Compassionate Use of Experimental Medicine 

March 20          Microbial Sciences Initiative (Harvard)

March 25          Janet Napolitano, Voices in Leadership Series

March 25-27     Consortium of Universities for Global Health Conference

March 27          Microbial Sciences Initiative (Harvard)

March 27          Diabetes: Extremity Innovations and Discovery

March 31          John Lechleiter, Voices in Leadership Series