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About Us

First Year Experience

Our Mission

The First Year Experience at Boston College has two foci. First, to introduce new undergraduates, both freshmen and transfer students, to the resources of the University so that they might maximize the integration of their gifts and skills with the challenge afforded them at Boston College. Second, to assist in the inculturation process whereby these new students come to understand, appreciate, and act upon the uniqueness of Boston College as a Jesuit university in the Catholic tradition. We implement this vision through our programs, which include:

Orientation Program

The two elements of the First Year Experience practically come together in the first instance during the seven summer Orientation Sessions which extend over three days and two nights. A student program runs concurrently with a parent/guardian program during each session.


48HOURS is a weekend experience open to all first-year students who are interested in finding ways to take advantage of BC's intellectual, social, and spiritual resources. With the interaction of professional staff and senior student leaders, students gain a fuller understanding of the possibilities and challenges of a Jesuit education.

Conversations in the First Year

Since the Fall of 2004, Conversations in the First Year has enriched the intellectual lives of our newest students. It begins at Orientation, where all incoming students are given a common text. This book helps to create the year's academic theme. Then, early in their first semester, all first-year students gather for the First Year Academic Convocation. Each year the Convocation speaker addresses the class, inspiring the themes of the summer reading. Convocation is filled with ritual, ideas, and conversation that kick off the academic year. All first-year students are required to join us for this event. We look forward to seeing you there in September!

Cornerstone Program

The Cornerstone Program is a collection of elective academic courses that provide special opportunities for first-year students to enrich their college experience.

In essence, First Year Experience seeks to create what educator Ernest Boyer describes as the 'scholarship of engagement.' Boston College does so uniquely in the Jesuit tradition, as a first-rate academic institution interested in the development of character and leadership for a more just and humane world. Meet the First Year Experience staff here.



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