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First Year Experience

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WHAT IS 48hours?

48hours is an opportunity to step off campus for a weekend, hear personal narratives from Juniors and Seniors about their experience transitioning to BC, and gain some perspective about your first year.

It's a weekend experience open to all first-year students who are interested in finding ways to take advantage of BC's intellectual, social, and spiritual resources. Interaction with professional staff and student leaders will help all first-year students gain a fuller understanding of the possibilities and challenges of a Jesuit education.

Your First Year

Try to imagine what your first semester of college is like. Just a short summer removed from high school, you arrive on campus elated, yet scared; exhilarated, but a bit unsure of yourself. Like many of your classmates you wonder:

  • Will I make friends easily?
  • Can I do the work?
  • Will I find opportunities to be involved?

To help you negotiate this important crossroad, Boston College has established 48hours as a first-year enhancement program. Every year, almost one thousand first-year students participate in a 48hours weekend. Their overwhelming assessment of 48hours was that it gave them a realistic and candid look at both the possibilities and challenges that Boston College poses for its newest members.

As a 48hours participant, you will hear senior and junior student leaders speak personally about their own college experiences, focusing particularly on their first-year ups and downs. You will also have a chance to discuss important issues such as:

  • How do I deal with unexpected social pressures that come my way?
  • What kinds of friends and relationships do I want at college?
  • How do I succeed in the classroom?

48hours will offer you opportunities to:

  • Reflect on your college experience
  • Determine new ways to capitalize on your college experience
  • Meet new friends and mentors
  • Relax and have fun away from campus

Where is 48hours held?

48hours is held at an off-campus location full of New England charm. You will be with one hundred of your classmates from both Newton and Upper campuses.

What do former participants have to say?

  • "...I thought it was a great chance to get away and think about my first year experience. The leaders were honest and sympathetic towards the changes that a first-year student goes through....Sharing their experiences made me feel like I wasn't the only one having adjustment problems at BC and that's great to know." - Craig
  • "...I was very skeptical of the program and it took some convincing to get me to try 48hours. But I'm happy to say that these two days have given me a new look at my life at BC and I've learned things about myself that I would never have thought about otherwise....I've been inspired this weekend -- thank you for that!" - Lauren
  • "...On the bus coming to 48hours I thought I was in for the worst 48hours of my life because I thought I had my friends and was doing OK in school. But after the weekend, I realized I didn't know half of the stuff I was missing at BC because I was stuck in my little world." - Darrell


How can alumni and friends of BC help? Recently, Boston College's Development Office has made it possible for alumni and other BC supporters to earmark all or part of their donations to Boston College specifically for 48hours. These donations have helped immensely. For example, they have made it possible to hire a much needed intern and, more importantly, to offer scholarships to students with financial need. Donations to 48hours can be made through the image below.

Donate online button: For BC. For Eagles, For Others.