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League Captain

apply to be a captain for the freshmen league

The 2018-2019 Freshman League Captain application is open!

Please click HERE to apply.

There will be a mandatory Captains Retreat October 19-21, 2018

Please reserve this date if you plan on applying to be a Captain.

If you have any questions, please email


 What's a Freshmen League Captain?

         A junior or senior guy at BC. 

         A person who wants to (along with a co-captain) mentor a small group of 8 freshmen         men

         Someone who is friendly, trustworthy, responsible, and authentic

What type of commitment does being a Freshmen League Captain involve?

         Must be available for a Captain’s Retreat on October 19-21, 2018

         If you are studying abroad, you must be on campus for the Spring 2019 semester. If            you are currently abroad, you are eligible to apply and interview via Skype as                    long as you will be back at BC in January 2019

          Must be able to interview freshmen applicants during October and November

         Willingness to meet:

            -   Once every week in the Spring with your team to discuss life at BC

            -   Once a month outing with freshmen such as indoor skydiving,
                F-1 car racing, trampoline dodgeball… activities will be up to you.
                (We will provide you with a team budget)

            -   Once a week for 5 weeks following the Captains retreat. You'll be with 7 other                 Captains and a young alum who was a Captain

            -   Once a month with the other League Captains during the Spring

Why should you be a Freshmen League Captain?

As a Captain you will get to mentor and lead a small group of BC freshmen who will look up to you and seek your advice. You’ll benefit from being part of a group of 74 of the best junior and senior guys at BC who have also chosen to serve as Captains. You will be venturing into Boston as well as connecting with faculty and staff mentors of your own.

So help us take freshmen guys’ college experience to new heights on The Heights and sign up to be a Freshmen League Captain today!

FL Captains
Captain giving talk
FL Captains
Freshmen League team at Fenway Park
BC Freshmen League Captain