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POD Leader

Apply to be a POD Leader

Purposeful Ongoing Discussions

What's a POD Leader?

A POD Leader is a junior or senior who works with a student partner in Reflection sections of some specific interdisciplinary core courses.

PODs (stands for Purposeful, Ongoing, Discussion) are places where near-peer mentors help freshmen and sophomores tackle course material through intellectual conversations that help students connect content to their daily lives. POD Leaders often become important mentors for those in their POD.

The two courses that currently use the POD Leadership Program are:

Global Implications of Climate Change - SOCY1501/EESC1501 (a 6 credit Complex Problems core course, fulfills 3 Natural Science core credits, and 3 Social Science core credits)

Where on Earth: Foundations in Global History, Culture, and Society - INTL 2200 (a 6 credit International Studies Program foundations course, fulfills 3 History II core credits, 3 Social Science core credits, and the cultural diversity core credit)

POD Leaders are willing to serve as an academic facilitator and mentor for a small group of freshmen (around 15) enrolled in the course.

POD Leaders want to work with a student co-lead and be part a group of 10 juniors and seniors who make up the POD Leader cohort.

What's the time commitment like for a POD Leader?

POD Leaders must attend the regular class lecture every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1pm during the fall semester.

Every Tuesday at 6pm every POD Leader (and their co-lead) directs their freshmen POD in discussion and/or activities related to the course material.

Students in the POD Leader cohort also meet every Friday from 2pm-3pm for their POD seminar which is designed to help POD Leaders be succesful with their small group of freshmen or sophomores.

Why should I want to be a POD Leader?

As a POD Leader you will get to be an academic and social mentor for a small group of freshmen or sophomore students. You will receive 3 credits (Pass/Fail) for attending interesting lectures on complex problems of globabl importance and running a small, weekly group meeting to help freshmen engage with the material. You and your co-leader can help younger students with their time at BC with a fantastic academic experience while being intellectually challenged and stimulated by the course material yourself. 

Open Fall 2018 POD positions:

Where on Earth: Foundations in Global History, Culture and Society - INTL 2200

INTL 2200 POD Leadership Application HERE

If you have any questions, please email