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Stuart Mail Center

Boston College Mail Services is charged with the responsibility of managing and handling incoming, outgoing, and interoffice mail for the resident students and the academic and professional staff of Boston College. Over the past four years, Mail Services has sorted and distributed an average of 7.5 million pieces of mail annually.

If you have any questions regarding your mail service, please contact Mail Services at


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Mail Services continues to serve the University community as we move forward during this challenging time. 

  • Student package centers have been consolidated to one location, McElroy Hall.  Students in residence can retrieve their packages there.  All other packages are being returned to sender, to be rerouted to a student’s home. Faculty and staff packages will be handled through interoffice delivery.

  • Students first class mail is being forwarded to the student’s home provided they have filed a change of address with BC Mail Services at

  • All inter-office mail pickup and delivery continues on a once daily basis.  If there is a need for additional pickups, please contact the mail room.

  • In order to protect the health and safety of our mailroom employees and the general community, the sorting of packages received is delayed by one day. 

  • Finally, the USPS station in McElroy Hall will be closing for the semester on Friday, April 3rd and not reopening until mid-August.  This closing does not impact BC Mail Services.



Request USPS Mail Forwarding

(mobile link to form)

Student Policies

1. You must obtain your combination for your mailbox.

There is one assigned mailbox per room. Students can now retrieve their mailbox combination through the Agora Portal-Other Services-Mailbox Combination Distribution. There is no longer any reason to wait in line for this information at the start of the semester. Please familiarize yourself with the combination and share it with your roommates.

2. Packages will be released only to the addressee.

When packages arrive at Mail Services, an email is sent to the student's Boston College account, informing them of its arrival. Packages will be released to the addressee only. In order to pick up a package, photo identification must be shown, along with the email notification or cellphone image of the same.

Mail Services handles all packages, USPS, and vendors. Vendors such as UPS and Federal Express are not allowed in the residence halls.

3. Pick up your newspaper daily.

Newspapers will be held for a maximum of two (2) days only, and will then be recycled.

4. Catalogs will be available near the Mailroom.

Bulk catalogs, such as L.L. Bean and J. Crew, will not be placed in individual student mailboxes in order to alleviate space constraints. A limited number of catalogs will be available in racks adjacent to Mail Services.

5. Student organization mailings require specific addressing.

Student organizations' bulk mailings require the following in order to be handled by Mail Services:

a) Label must read student's name, residence hall, and room number.

b) Mailings must be bundled by separate residence hall and in numerical sequence.

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General Policies

1. Never send cash through the mail.

Please remind your family, friends, and others to not send cash through regular mail. Neither Boston College nor the United States Postal Service is responsible for cash sent through USPS. Items of value, including cash, should be sent by Certified Mail.

2. Improperly addressed magazines will not be accepted.

Magazines, if not properly addressed, will be returned to the publisher. Magazines will not be forwarded. Students must fill out a separate Change of Address Form for each subscription at school year end to guarantee prompt delivery of their magazines.

3. Mail forwarding: Change of address must always be reported to Mail Services.

Change of Address Forms are available at Mail Services. Only 1st-class mail will be forwarded. If no Change of Address Form is on file with Mail Services, mail will be returned to sender.

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Mailing Addresses


Depending on where your student lives, either one of the following addresses applies to all his/her incoming mail and packages:

Chestnut Hill Residents
Newton Campus Residents
[Student Name] [Student Name]
[Student Residence Hall + Rm #] [Student Residence Hall + Rm #]
Boston College Boston College
140 Commonwealth Ave 885 Centre St
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 Newton Center, MA 02459


To ensure efficient mail processing and timely delivery, please address employee mail in one of the following standard formats:

Boston College Boston College Law School
[Department Name]
[Employee Name]
[Employee Name/Building, Rm #]
[Building, Rm #]
140 Commonwealth Ave 885 Centre St
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 Newton Center, MA 02459

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Best Practices for University Mail

Campus Mail Services, in partnership with Procurement Services, has recently launched a University-wide operational efficiency initiative. One key component of this initiative is to decrease the volume of insufficiently addressed and misdirected mail on campus. The mailroom receives over 100 pieces of mail per week addressed with incomplete mailing information, causing delays and costly inefficiencies.

Departments should notify their outside contacts to update their mailing information using the University’s standard format (above). Campus Mail Services will be sending out a letter (pdf) and postcard (pdf) to departments to inform the University community of these best practices.

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Mailroom Locations


The four mailrooms on campus handle package distribution to students who live in the residence halls listed below. 


Residence Halls Served

McElroy Mailroom
Room 204
















Voute Mailroom
Room 106

66 Commonwealth Ave

90 St. Thomas More Rd







Walsh Mailroom
Room 128



Reservoir Apts 



Thomas More Apts


Newton Mailroom
Kenny Cottle - Room L112


Duchesne East & West


Keyes North & South


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Mailroom Hours of Operation


See the calendar below for mailroom hours. Each day will note hours of operation and whether all or only selected mailrooms are open. During the fall and spring semesters, the four mailroom locations are generally open Monday through Saturday, but there are special hours at the beginning of each semester, around holidays and over the summer. The calendar will reflect all special hours.


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Contact Us


Questions?  Email or call 617-552-3993.


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