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AJCU Conference Schedule 2017

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Link to PDF of Schedule

The conference schedule below is still being finalized -- additional information will be added as details are confirmed.

Download a PDF of the one-page schedule.

4:00 PM

Welcome Reception
Hops N Scotch
1306 Beacon Street, Brookline  

8:00 AM

Shuttle from hotel to BC Campus

8:15-9:00 AM

Registration / Breakfast

9:00-10:00 AM

Welcome & Introduction to Boston College

President William P. Leahy, S.J. and Executive Vice President Michael J. Lochhead will offer a few words of welcome and provide a brief introduction to Boston College.


10:15-11:15 AM


Public Safety



BC's Physical Campus: Past , Present...

Richard Yeager, BC

This presentation will describe the early campus planning and the work of Maginnis & Walsh that determined the overall character of the physical campus when Boston College moved from the South End to Chestnut Hill.  Participants will learn about the growth of the campus over time and about the holistic approach to facilities planning efforts.

Note: see related follow-up session "Boston College's Physical Campus...and Future"

When Disaster Strikes, Is Your Campus Ready?

John Tommaney, BC

This session will be an interactive session to discuss contemporary emergency management issues on campus such as:  Active Shooter Preparedness, Warning & Notification, Evacuation & Shelter, Special Events Coordination, Mutual Aid, Community Preparedness Outreach, Business Continuity Planning and more!

Facilities Services Sustainable Operations Guidelines

Dallase Scott, Greener U

The Facilities Services Department took the lead to develop sustainable guidelines for its supplies and practices.  Learn how we developed guidelines for: Landscape Management, Sustainable Purchasing, Green Cleaning, Indoor Environmental Quality and other key service areas.

11:30-12:30 PM

The Boston Marathon and Establishing strong partnerships with community members and law enforcement agencies

William B. Evans, Commissioner, Boston Police Department

The Commissioner will discuss the efforts of public safety partners to provide for the safety and security of the Boston Marathon.  Additionally, he will discuss the successful efforts on the part of the Boston Police Department in establishing and maintaining successful relationships with local communities and campus partners.

12:30-1:45 PM

Lunch Session:  Repurposing a Former Residence into a State of the Art Museum

David Godfroy, Associate Principal, DiMella Shaffer

David was the lead Architect on the project to repurpose a former residence to our Museum & Conference Center which opened in 2016.  David will host a tour highlighting the new addition to the building and discuss some of the unique challenges the project presented.

1:45-3:15 PM

Boston College Campus Tour (Campus Photos)

Starting at the conference center on our Brighton Campus, we’ll travel a short distance by bus to the main campus.  There we’ll meet up with student guides who will lead you on a brief walking tour of the middle campus and academic center of Boston College.  By bus we will tour the lower campus which houses upperclassmen residence halls, theater and many of our athletic facilities. We will point out some of our newly built facilities and some areas that will soon be under construction.

3:30-4:45 PM

Boston College Department Introductions and Networking Fair

The intent of this session is to offer an opportunity to network and share one-on-one dialogue on specific issues or topics that may be of interest.  Representatives from various Boston College departments will be briefly introduced including  and subsequently available at individual “booths” to answer questions, exchange information, or discuss common issues.  Departments represented will include public safety, sustainability, landscape services, emergency management, custodial, technical trades, work order center and others.

4:50 PM

Shuttle from BC Campus to hotel

6:00 PM

Shuttle from hotel to Fenway Park

6:30-9:00 PM                          

Tour of Fenway Park followed by dinner at The Bleacher Bar

8:00 AM

Shuttle from hotel to BC Campus

8:15-8:45 AM


8:45-9:45 AM


Public Safety



Boston College's Physical Campus: ...and Future

Mary Nardone, Associate Vice President, Capital Projects Management

Continuing the discussion of the campus development, we will outline the most recently completed projects, the current projects just breaking ground, as well as the projects that are "on the boards." We will describe the capital planning  challenges Boston College faces as well as outlining the issues of a campus that straddles two different municipalities.

Note: See related session "Boston College's Physical Campus...Past, Present" (Monday morning)

Campus Ministry: How to Integrate into Emergency Operations and Crisis Management

Tonya D. Coultas, Assistant Vice President, Office of Emergency Management, Georgetown University

Jesuit Universities offer unique capabilities and resources to support a university after a major campus crisis. Giving an active role and integrating Campus Ministry at the onset of a crisis is vital to healing and recovery of the university community. At Georgetown University, Campus Ministry is an integral part of crisis management planning and serves as a team member within the Emergency Operation Center (EOC). Discussion will be on how Campus Ministry is being incorporated into the campus EOC and crisis management planning. Their role to improve the ability of the university leadership to recover from and heal after a major campus crisis.



10:00 AM

Group Photo

10:15-11:30 AM

State of Facilities: AJCU Performance and National Trends

Dan Willman, Sightlines

Aging buildings and infrastructure.  Growing backlogs of deferred maintenance.  Limited capital and operational funds.  These are the trends that have affected colleges and universities across the country since the recession of 2008.  The good news is that in 2016, we finally see noticeable relief from this vicious cycle.  In this presentation, we will delve into these issues, show their impact, and offer innovative ways universities are addressing current challenges and making proactive plans for the future.  We will draw from data from more than 450 institutions in North America and highlight the performance of Sightlines 11 AJCU members.

11:30 AM-12:30 PM


12:30-1:45 PM

Interest Focused Tours (Choose One)


Landscape Tour

The landscape tour will begin on Linden Lane and continue through the linked quadrangles that make up the academic core and most iconic portion of the campus.  We will share lessons learned from recent landscape projects as well as some of the maintenance challenges we face on a campus with limited green space.

Public Safety Tour

The Public Safety tour will involve a brief orientation to the department, its mission, services and operations as well as a tour of our police headquarters and recently renovated dispatch center.

Athletics Tour

Boston College has a proud athletics tradition including 31 varsity teams, 26 club sports and over 3000 intramural participants. During this walking tour we will explore the integrated athletics facilities complex on the lower campus including Conte Forum, Alumni Stadium, and Yawkey Center. Matt Conway, the Associate AD for Facilities and Operations, will guide us through this visit covering perspectives of all Boston College stakeholders.

2:00-3:00 PM


Public Safety



The Team Approach to Energy Efficiency at Boston College

Terence Leahy, Director, Engineering & Energy Management, Boston College

Establishing key partnerships has been essential in ensuring energy savings at Boston College. Key partners, found both internal to the institution but also external, will be identified and discussed with the group. For Boston College these collaborators include Utility providers, Engineering and Lighting Consultants, Measurement and Verification experts as well as Demand Notification Consultants. The session will highlight some unusual projects that each group has identified.


Developing Campus Community Partnerships

Lieutenant Jeffrey Postell, Boston College Police

This session will present an overview of approaches to develop and strengthen the relationship between the campus community and its public safety organization. This will be a facilitated discussion by Lieutenant Postell and we look forward to learning of successful community partnerships from member institutions. Participants are encouraged to bring related materials to distribute at this session.

Aiming Towards Zero Waste

Rob Grogan, Harvard University, Associate Manager, Recycling and Waste Services

Which institutions are the most successful; what is it they do? Learning from best practices of waste management. Dealing with leveling off of recycling and diversion rates. Do states with waste regulations have better institutional success?

3:15-4:15 PM


Public Safety



Beyond BIM:  
The Benefits of Lifecycle Data for Facilities Management

Lynn Berkley & Nicholas Libby, Facilities Management Information Systems, Boston College

The data gathered in Building Information Models (BIM) during the design and construction process can be valuable throughout the lifecycle of a building. Capturing and gathering that data -- in a consistent and standardized format -- is often where things break down. Hear how Boston College is approaching this challenge.

Procedural Justice

Chief Michael Davis, Northeastern University

Procedural justice (sometimes called procedural fairness) describes how individuals regard the justice system with regard to perceived fairness of the process and how they were treated rather than to the perceived fairness of the outcome. Chief Michael Davis will discuss his efforts and experience relating to procedural justice.

Sustainability Case Study: LEED EBOM

Jim Newman, Linnean Solutions

LEED EBOM and the City of Boston’s Planning review process. Article 37, describes the process for building review with the Boston Redevelopment Authority, in order for permitting to proceed, BC, and other city institutions planning renovations for buildings over 50,000 SF are expected to meet the LEED EBOM standards for being certified.

4:30-6:00 PM

Cocktails and Networking Reception

Café 129
129 Lake Street
Boston College, Brighton Campus

6:00 PM

Shuttle from 129 Lake Street to hotel

8:00 AM

Shuttle from hotel to BC Campus

8:15-8:45 AM


9:00-10:00 AM


Public Safety



Scaling the Heights: Creating an Accessible Campus

William Tibbs, Director, Capital Planning &Engineering, Boston College

Facilities access for people with disabilities is an ongoing and sometimes difficult effort on a campus as topographically challenging as ours is here at Boston College. This session will discuss some of the key legal and jurisdictional requirements, provide a brief campus historical perspective, review Boston College’s accomplishments to date, explore some recent changes in the laws, and share our current planning approaches for improving the accessibility of our university facilities.

Best practices and strategies for recruiting, hiring and retaining a great staff. What opportunities and challenges lie ahead?

Lieutenant Laurene Spiess, Boston College Police

Lieutenant Spiess will lead a discussion on best practices relating to staffing our organizations and how we can prepare for the future. Participants are asked to bring any recruiting materials that may be of benefit to all and are invited to discuss their experiences and successful strategies.

Collaborations between Facilities, Campus Operations, Research & Education

Tara Pisani Gareau PhD, Associate Director, BC Envirornmental Studies Program, Assistant Professor of the Practice, Earth and Environmental Sciences Department

Tara Pisani Gareau has worked with Facilities on student projects studying water conservation in dorms, energy efficiency, energy audits, solar panel assessments, and more.

One of her current environmental studies research groups participated in a study supported by BC Dining and part of a larger collaborative, “the Menus of Change Research Collaborative”, of which BC is a participant. Their campus study this semester assessed student taste preferences and their findings should prove useful to BC Dining for determining ways to substitute plant protein for meat protein, known as "the Protein Flip".  Professor Pisani Gareau will discuss how projects like this have a multiplier effect, whereby students benefit by getting first hand research experience, campus partners benefit by having more information to make decisions on topics of interest, and there is potential to disseminate the findings beyond the campus and contribute to a larger body of knowledge.  

10:15-11:30 AM

Keynote Speaker and Closing Remarks

Rev. Jack Butler, S.J., Vice President, University Mission & Ministries, Boston College

The service staff on a college campus has a significant impact on the campus community. Not just on the built fabric or flow of day to day operations, but on the spirit, health and vitality of its students. This session will bring together perspectives from Campus Ministry and students and will explore the campus environment and how support services and departments are essential to student formation and education within the Jesuit Catholic Culture.

12:00 PM

Shuttle from Boston College to lunch and Charles River boat tour

12:30-2:30 PM

Boat tour on the Charles River with New England clambake lunch onboard

Questions?  Please email Gina Bellavia or Marty Dugal.