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Electricity Grid Alert

saving energy this summer

Picture of dials on an electrical meter

Over the course of the summer, Boston College expects to receive an electricity grid alert from our provider during heat waves.  We plan to help conserve energy in our buildings across campus.  You may notice that we have switched off some non-essential lighting and adjusted our thermostats.  

We'll be helping to keep the community's lights on by shutting off some of ours!

How You Can Help

When we receive these electricity grid alerts, we will send out a Facilities Advisory with specific information about how you can help.  Members of the community will be asked to minimize consumption of electricity as much as possible in the afternoon, when the temperatures tend to peak. In particular, everyone is asked to:

  • Close windows
  • Close curtains and blinds
  • Turn off and unplug individual coffee makers, device chargers, printers, copiers and other electronic equipment not in use
  • In offices with thermostats, raise the setting to 75 degrees
  • Turn off office lights
  • Plan ahead for peak days: run large print or copying jobs and charge devices in the morning so the equipment can be turned off if necessary in the afternoon
  • Check unoccupied offices and spaces to turn off electricity in rooms people aren't using

In addition, you can help spread the word to your coworkers and others on campus.  You might consider posting these printables on your office bulletin board.

Thank you for your help -- small efforts make a big difference!