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Ethical Investment Guidelines


Boston College is a Jesuit, Catholic institution of higher education. In the management of its investments, Boston College reflects the ethical, social, and moral principles inherent in its mission and heritage. In particular, the University is firmly committed to the promotion of the dignity of the individual, personal freedom, and social justice.

The Board of Trustees desires that Boston College investments be handled in accordance with these principles so that gains from investments will not be derived from fraud, abusive power, greed, or injustice.

A constant attempt will be made to apply these principles to the University’s investment practices. This means that investments held by the University will be examined periodically to ascertain whether the firms involved engage in practices or procedures opposed to the ethical, social, and moral principles guiding Boston College. It also means that the University will not undertake new investments in companies that operate in conflict with these principles.

The Investment and Endowment Committee will be responsible for managing the University’s investments justly and prudently according to the policy stated here.