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Resources for New Employees and Their Supervisors

a guide for new employees and new supervisors, and their supervisors for a successful transition to boston college

With all that you need to know as a new employee, finding the information when you need it can be a challenge or a mystery. To ease your transition, we have compiled some resources to help you toward building a successful future at Boston College.

New Employee Checklist
To help you navigate your first few months at the University, we have provided you with information and highlighted initial steps to ensure a successful transition.

A Guide for New Employees
General information, resources, and services to get you started.

Selected Resources to Supplement Orientation Overview
This PowerPoint slide presentation augments the information you heard at your orientation on the overview of Boston College.

Resources for New Employees
Another source of compiled information to help you navigate through what you need to know and how to get things done. See New Employees page on Human Resources Website.


For Supervisors of New Employees

New Employee Orientation: A Guide for Supervisor
Have a new person coming on board? First impressions are lasting impressions. This guide will help you, as the supervisor, create a positive initial experience and work environment. Making the new employee feel welcome, providing the necessary, basic information, and responding to questions and concerns are accomplished by a well-planned orientation.


Supervisory Development Track

Being Informed and Keeping Current

Whether you're new to Boston College, the role, or in need of a refresher, we are in the process of designing a  skills track orientation to get you started and to keep you current. We will post program information as it becomes finalized.

The Supervisor's Info-Pipeline Resource entry point to HR policies, procedures, and processes and other get-started information

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