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Student Outreach & Support

office of the dean of students


College can be a very stressful time, and at BC, many students face difficult academic and personal challenges, as they venture through the rigorous academic environment and the increase of responsibility. The Office of the Dean of Students is committed to the growth of well rounded and healthy individuals by providing information and resources for faculty, students, and parents. We hope that the coordination of information and resources through this website allows students in distress, or concerned individuals, to appropriately respond to and effectively connect students to available counseling, medical, and personal assistance.

Responding to Students in Crisis or Distress brochure, a resource for faculty and staff. (PDF file. Adobe Reader required.)


On-Campus: Call BCPD
at 617-552-4444
Off-Campus: Dial 911


For a full overview of resources, click here.


What do signs of Distress or Mental Health Crisis look like?
How can I help?

It is important to recognize when someone is having difficulty and to intervene before it becomes a crisis. If a student is already exhibiting signs of being in a state of crisis, it is important to respond appropriately. For more detailed information about the signs and what you can do to help, visit Signs of Distress or Crisis.

Concerned about a student?

Are you concerned about the health, behavior, or welfare of a BC student?  Has a student’s behavior caused you to worry about his or her potential future actions? Do you have questions or are you uncomfortable speaking directly with the student about your concern?

What to do in an EMERGENCY situation:

If you believe there may be imminent danger of harm to a student or someone else, immediately call the Boston College Police Department (BCPD) for assistance at 617-552-4444; if you are off campus, dial 911. If you need help in assessing the situation, call the University Counseling Services at 617-552-3310 between the hours of 9am and 5pm; after 5pm contact BCPD at 617-552-4440.

What to do in a NON-EMERGENCY situation:

If you would like to speak with someone concerning a student in distress between the hours of 9am and 5pm contact the Office of the Dean of Students (DOS) at 617-552-3470, University Health Services at 617-552-3225, University Counseling Services at 617-552-3310, or Campus Ministry at 617-552-3475.  After 5pm or on weekends or holidays, contact BCPD at 617-552-4440.  BCPD will be able to access appropriate assistance for you.

Sexual Assault

Relationship violence, sexual harassment, and sexual assault are acts of violence and a major cause for concern. These acts can cause distress or a crisis. SANet has more detailed information on sexual assault through the Boston College Sexual Assault Network.

Bias Incident Protocol

This protocol was developed to provide members of the BC community with information on the process for reporting a hate crime or bias-motivated offense and the resources available to those who have been targets of hate.

For more information go to:

Signs of Distress or Crisis

Referral Resources