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LGBTQ+ Resources

lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning

Four BC students proudly honoring Spirit Day

Boston College, as a Catholic and Jesuit University, has a responsibility to promote the pastoral care of all members of the university community and is committed to the intellectual, social, and spiritual development of all our students. The University seeks to foster a campus culture that welcomes diversity, embraces inclusivity, promotes dialogue, and creates a safe and supportive environment for all.

This website lists resources for Boston College students who may be questioning their sexual or gender identity, have questions arising from their sexual or gender identity, have general questions about the LGBTQ+ community, or just need someone to dialogue with about their personal lives and how to be their most authentic selves. While an ally is listed for each office, it by no means indicates that this particular individual is the only person in the office who can provide assistance.

The variety of these resources reflects the commitment of Boston College to providing a safe, caring, and supportive environment for the healthy development of all of our students. Connecting students with this information promotes wellness and fosters greater opportunities to learn about respect, equality, and identity while contributing to the development of a more just and authentic community.


Caroline Davis
Associate Dean for Student Outreach & Support

Caroline develops, facilitates, and oversees a support network for LGBTQ students on campus in addition to her many other duties as the Assistant Dean for Student Outreach & Support. She is an ally to the LGBTQ community and works to improve the LGBTQ student experience through education, outreach, and support. Please reach out to her at any time with questions, concerns, issues, or ideas!


Angelique Bradford
Graduate Assistant for LGBTQ+ Student Outreach & Support

Angelique is a student at the School of Social Work. As the Graduate Assistant for LGBTQ+ Student Outreach & Support, Angelique assists the Assistant Dean for Student Outreach & Support in acting as a liaison for LGBTQ+ students, fostering community building and identity development, and offering educational opportunities for the BC community on LGBTQ+ issues and concerns. Please feel free to contact her with any questions, concerns, issues, or ideas!


Click on the calendar to view LGBTQ events from various groups across campus!


Whenever possible, the Office of the Dean of students is proud to offer leadership opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in varying capacities depending on the need and program.  Currently, we have several opportunities available!  Be sure to reach out to Caroline Davis or John Winslow ASAP if you're interested in any of the following opportunities:

LGBTQ+ undergraduate students who would like to be peer mentors for other LGBTQ+ undergraduate students should click here!



Pride Peers Presentation

Want our amazing Pride Peers Presenters to come to your residence hall, student club/org, or office/department to discuss LGBTQ+ identities and content?

Fill out this quick google form to request a time, date, and location for the presentation and our BC Pride Peers will be in touch!