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The University Response

The Office of the Dean of Students, in conjunction with the Student Affairs Title IX Coordinator, provides assistance and support to students. For students who report sexual misconduct, the Office of the Dean of Students can connect a student with support and counseling, and will focus on the response and interim remedies needed to help the student. Students who report sexual misconduct violations in situations where they may also be responsible for Code of Student Conduct violations (e.g., possession of alcohol) will generally not be charged for these ancillary violations. The Office of the Dean of Students can also provide the complainant and respondent with support and counseling as well as a trained guide/adviser (see full Student Sexual Misconduct Policy).
Note: Victims do not need to participate in the conduct process to receive resources and support. 

The Student Affairs Title IX Coordinator coordinates the University’s efforts to: 

  • Assist the victim in accessing other available victim advocacy; academic support; financial aid; counseling; disability; health; or mental health services; and legal assistance both on and off campus (pages 17—19).
  • Assist international students with immigration and/or visa-related issues.
  • Provide other security and support, which could include issuing a No Contact or Stay Away Order, helping arrange for a change in living or working arrangements, and adjusting courses and providing other academic support. 
  • Inform the victim of the right to report a crime to campus or local law enforcement, and provide the victim with assistance if the victim wishes to do so. 

A report of sexual violence (including non-identifying reports) may also prompt the University to consider broader remedial action—such as increased monitoring, supervision, or security at locations where the reported sexual violence occurred; increasing education and prevention efforts, including to targeted population groups; conducting climate assessments/victimization surveys; and/or revisiting policies and practices. If the Student Affairs Title IX Coordinator determines that the University can respect a victim’s request for confidentiality and not pursue conduct against the alleged perpetrator, the University will nonetheless take steps to protect and assist the victim.