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How to File a Complaint

There are multiple ways to file a complaint at Boston College. You do not need to make this decision alone. If you are unsure about whether or not to report, there are many people you can speak with in order to get more information about what reporting would mean and entail. You will not be pressured to provide more details than you are willing to offer.

Filing a Complaint within Boston College

Office of the Dean of Students. Students can file a complaint within the Office of the Dean of Students. The Offfice can help students understand their options in the conduct system, implement interim measures including Stay Away Orders or other interim administrative actions, and provide guidance and support regarding remedies including academic and housing concerns. The Office provides trained guides/advisers and support services to students who are complainants and respondents in the conduct system. The Office of the Dean of Student, working with the Title IX Coordinator, also oversees the investigation and adjudication of sexual misconduct complaints against students. 

Filing a Criminal Complaint with Police

If a student (undergraduate or graduate) reports sexual violence to the BostonCollege Police Department (BCPD), the police will conduct an investigation and assist the victim in filing criminal charges against the alleged offender if he or she chooses. BCPD also helps in obtaining protective restraining orders for domestic and dating violence incidents. If the incident occurred off campus, BCPD can assist the victim in informing the appropriate municipal police department if he or she so desires. The Boston College Police have specially trained officers to respond to sexual assault and intimate partner complaints. The police make every effort to offer female victims/survivors the opportunity to work with a female officer.

Under Massachusetts law, victims of dating or domestic violence may be entitled to obtain an abuse prevention order under Chapter 209A of the Massachusetts General Laws, and victims of stalking or harassment may be entitled to obtain a harassment prevention order under Chapter 258E of the Massachusetts General Laws. These orders require the abuse or harassment to cease and can include No Contact and Stay Away Orders. They may be issued without prior notice to the abuser or harasser if there is a substantial likelihood of immediate danger of abuse or harassment. The Boston College Police will assist victims in pursuing these orders.