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Resources for Reporting Sexual Misconduct

The decision to report sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, harassment, relationship violence, stalking, and any other violation of the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy, is yours. Deciding whether or not to report can be difficult for many survivors, and simply might not be a step that is possible for you right now. However, please know that members of the University community care about you and there are many resources available to help you in the healing process. 

Students affected by sexual violence are strongly encouraged to report these incidents to the Office of the Dean of Students and/or to the Boston College Police. Note that you can report your experience to any of the resources below without being required to file a complaint, which is explained in the following section.

Boston College encourages students who are victims of sexual misconduct to talk to someone about what happened so they can get the support they need, and the University can respond appropriately. The report can be made by:

  • A person who experienced sexual misconduct; and/or
  • A person who has information that sexual misconduct may have been committed by a Boston College student or a participant in a University-sponsored program.