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Immediate and 24 Hour Services

Please note: Boston College will make every effort to protect your privacy. Detailed information about the following resources, including levels of privacy, confidentiality, or anonymity, appear in the section entitled “Getting Long-term Support” (page 17).

Sexual Assault Network (SANet): 617–552–2211
The Sexual Assault Network Hotline is a 24-hour/7-days-a-week confidential and anonymous resource that is staffed by advocates who are trained to listen, provide options, and support the survivor or friend of the survivor as they embark on the healing process. 

What Will Happen if I Call the SANet Hotline?
You will reach a recording that gives you the option to press “1” to speak with a staff advocate or “2” to be connected to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC). All advocates are trained to respond to incidents of sexual violence, stalking, and relationship violence, and to help you understand your options regarding medical attention, legal and judicial procedures, and counseling and support services. 

How Can SANet Help?

You always have the right to choose which services to utilize. SANet Hotline advocates are available to assist survivors in a variety of ways including connecting callers with:

  • Emergency medical services, including accompanying the survivor to the hospital, the police, etc., as requested. 
  • Guidance and support throughout the University student conduct process and/or the criminal justice process if the survivor chooses to pursue this course of action. 
  • Information about internal University Stay Away Orders or criminal
    restraining orders. 
  • Assistance with academic concerns. 
  • Alternative living arrangements if desired. 
  • Contact with community resources such as rape crisis centers, support
    groups, etc., if desired. 
  • General support and assistance as needed.

For more information:

Boston College Police Department (BCPD): 617–552–4444
BCPD can assist students in filing a criminal report for an incident that occurred either on or off campus. For an assault that occurs off campus, BCPD can connect students to the appropriate municipal authorities. Please note that if you call the police, a preliminary investigation must be initiated. The BCPD can also be reached by activating the blue light boxes located throughout campus. 

University Health Services: 617–552–3225
2150 Commonwealth Ave (St Thomas More Road Entrance)
Medical personnel are available 24 hours a day for immediate and follow-up medical attention.

University Counseling Services: 617–552–3310 during the day; 617–552–3227 on nights and weekends (please note: after-hour calls are routed through University Health Services)

Administrator On-Call
Available through BCPD (617–552–4444)
The Administrator On-Call is able to assist with immediate University concerns, such as the issuance of University No Contact Orders and Stay Away Orders.

Boston College Harassment Counselor
Linda Riley, 129 Lake Street, 340A
The University Harassment Counselor, Linda Riley, is responsible for responding to complaints of harassment brought against faculty and staff in accordance with the University's Discriminatory Harassment Policy.

You can learn more about long-term supportive resources available to you in the section entitled “Getting Long-term Support” (page 17).