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Office for Institutional Diversity

If You Have Been A Witness

Why it is important to report hate crimes and bias-related incidents

The police and the University need to know the number, type, and range of hate crimes and bias-related incidents that affects a member of our community.  Reporting these offenses will help Boston College identify the problem areas to improve services that deal with this type of victimization.

As a witness to a hate crime or bias-related incident, you have a unique opportunity to play a vital role in the internal and/or external justice system.  By reporting the offense, information you provide will help the police and University ensure that offenders answer for their offenses and will help resolve larger issues.

The information you give by reporting a hate crime or bias-related incident you may witness will:

  • Help bring the perpetrator to justice—this could prevent further occurrences and protect other BC community members;
  • Help you—you may find it beneficial to talk about what has happened and your feelings about it; 
  • Help the BC community—all such offenses have a negative effect on our community and should be pursued actively.


Simply call the Boston College Police non-emergency number (617-552-4440), 24 hours a day, to report any hate crime and bias-related incidents or contact a University official listed in the Support Resources Section if you feel you have been a witness.


If the incident happened off campus, these same people can assist you with local authorities.