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Office for Institutional Diversity

Boston College Police

hate crime bias-related incident(s) investigation procedure

The Boston College Police Department will investigate any report concerning a hate crime and has established a zero-tolerance policy toward these offenses or any bias-related incident. Once reported, a uniformed member of the department will respond to the scene, talk to the victim, arrange to have the area photographed, preserve any evidence, arrange for cleaning or covering offensive material, and file an initial intake report. Uniformed supervisory staff will respond as needed to oversee the initial investigation and help to ensure victims have the support they may need from the University.

The initial written intake report and any supporting documentation is then turned over to the commanding officer of the detective unit where a specially trained BCPD detective and hate crime investigator will be assigned the case. This officer will reach out to the victim and any witnesses to discuss the case once they feel comfortable doing so and will further investigate the incident as determined by the nature of the offense. Note: Any hate incident is logged and initially investigated as a hate crime; the final determination, for state and federal reporting purposes, is completed later.

The investigating detective will look for similar offenses over a period of time, identify modus operandi or the manner of operation, especially, the characteristic method employed by a person in completing such a hate incident. The detective will attempt to identify suspects and additional witnesses and will readily consult with off-campus criminal systems experts as needed.

All such reports are forwarded to ODSD for review and internal action as warranted. Any court prosecution will be determined after consultation with the appropriate district attorney's office and only if the victim feels comfortable doing so.