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Office for Institutional Diversity

Education And Prevention Programs/Initiatives

Boston College supports a number of programs that seek to educate the BC community about the importance of diversity and inclusiveness and to help foster a positive campus climate for students, faculty, staff.  These programs are supported by various departments and student organizations on campus.

African and African Diaspora Studies Program*

The African and African Diaspora Studies Program (AADS) considers the history, culture, and politics of Africans on the subcontinent and African-descended peoples in the U.S., the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Covering a vast historical period and geographical expanse, African and African Diaspora Studies acquaints students with the multiplicity and diversity of the African diaspora and the world in which we all live. Using an interdisciplinary and comparative approach, the program draws on a broad range of methodologies in the Humanities and Social Sciences including those in English, History, Sociology, Philosophy, Theology, and Communications. These diverse methodologies help reveal the deep roots and diverse routes that have shaped African and African-descended peoples and continue to inform their lives today.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM) committee

A group of staff and students who seek to educate the community about the contributions and history of Asian and Pacific Islanders in the United States.

Asian Studies Program*

The Asian Studies Program draws faculty from several departments to provide students with an interdisciplinary introduction to this vast and complex region. The program is also an intellectual center at Boston College for the study of Asia with lectures, films, and seminars for both faculty and students.

Courage to Know*

This course is part of the Cornerstone Program sponsored by the First Year Experience Program. It is an introduction to college life in which students investigate personal and social development in the college years. Topics include the nature of learning, diversity, social justice, human sexuality, intimacy, addiction, and career and professional discernment, among others.

Institute for the Study and Promotion of Race and Culture*

The purpose of the institute is to promote the assets and address the societal conflicts associated with race or culture in theory, and research, mental health practice, education, business, and society at large. Every year the institute sponsors the Diversity Challenge Conference.

AHANA Student Activities Intercultural Clubs

The AHANA student population is a growing community within the Boston College community. Celebrating the richness of myriad cultures and histories, AHANA student clubs/organizations coordinate numerous events/activities. For instance, there are the annual culture shows hosted by a number of clubs -- the Asian Caucus, South Asian Students Association.

Jewish Studies*

The Jewish Studies Program seeks to examine the multiple dimensions and complexities of Jewish civilization throughout its broad chronological and geographical range. In so doing, the program contributes to Boston College's efforts to internationalize and enrich its curriculum by creating a space for reflection on an ethnically and religiously diverse campus.

Latin American Studies Program*

The program draws from faculty from several departments to provide students with an interdisciplinary introduction to Latin America.

Islamic Civilization and Societies program*

The World of Islam, encompassing one and a half billion people in 55 countries, represents a culture of extraordinary depth, richness and diversity.

National and International Service and Immersion Trips

Students immerse themselves in other communities to learn about the realities, hopes, and struggles of those living in situations of economic, political, or social marginalization. Campus Ministry and different academic departments sponsor these trips.

Women's Center

The center plans programs for the campus community to raise awareness about issues affecting women at Boston College and to celebrate women's accomplishments in the community and in the world.

World Fiesta Day

It is a day of crafts, typical foods, costumes, videos, games, posters, and related literature and brochures. The BC community is invited to provide live campus performers and to promote the talents of all groups. The day also is meant to promote BC's international and multicultural character and bring about cross-cultural awareness. World Fiesta is the only event that brings together at one time the graduate and undergraduate student bodies with all international programs, intercultural clubs, relevant departments from throughout the campus, and outside vendors.

Benjamin E. Mays Mentoring Program

The Mays Mentoring Program is designed to provide AHANA students with an opportunity to have a personal connection with a faculty member or administrator who can guide them through the college environment. The Benjamin E. Mays Mentoring Program attempts to ameliorate potential isolation and loneliness that are often experienced by AHANA students by pairing them with a mentor who is willing and dedicated to develop a relationship with AHANA students and to follow them through their undergraduate career at Boston College. By working with students beginning in the first year, mentors assist protégés in building solid foundations that help to ensure the successful achievement of their goals. Mentors provide encouragement and support as students develop habits and attitudes that lead to academic and personal success.

Boston College Affinity Groups

Boston College Affinity Groups are volunteer, employee-managed groups that promote the interests of their respective constituencies.

Undergraduate Government of Boston College (UGBC)

Within the UGBC, the AHANA Leadership Council works to strengthen the relationship among various AHANA culture-specific groups, and to create greater multicultural awareness on campus through retreats, lectures, and other special events.

"The GLBTQ Leadership Council is committed to bettering the quality of life for all students at Boston College who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning. "

*Academic programs