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Office for Institutional Diversity


Practicing physical distancing - Committed to social solidarity during COVID-19

During this temporary shift in how we work, learn and live within our respective spaces, the Office for Institutional Diversity (OID) recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all of us, for some magnifying and exacerbating social and economic inequalities.  While we must practice physical distancing, we must also renew our commitment to social solidarity towards one another, remotely or otherwise.  As a community, we are all called to exhibit cura personalis, “care for the whole person”.  We have demonstrated time and again that we are “Better Together” when we reject hate and bias as part of our Jesuit and Catholic heritage. Actions that create a divide, particularly within our most vulnerable and marginalized groups are not welcome on our campus.  We are called during these times to move beyond imagining social solidarity but to live through actions that exhibit care for one another and continue to build and sustain a community of inclusion at all levels.   

Patricia Lowe, J.D. CDE
Executive Director
Office for Institutional Diversity


For updates on the Coronavirus please visit the BC COVID-19 Resouces Page



OID Faculty