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BC Data Warehouse

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The data warehouse is a repository of Boston College's electronic data. Each night, the contents of multiple University systems are copied into this massive database. Dozens of BC employees take advantage of the data warehouse for their reporting needs.

The data warehouse at Boston College is a work in progress. It currently includes data from the mainframe student system, the Folderwave admissions system, and University Advancement's Millennium system. A separate data mart—used by Institutional Research—incorporates faculty and staff information. Plans are underway to add PeopleSoft financial data and more-fully integrate information across content areas.

Data Warehouse Vs. Operational Systems

An operational, or transactional, system—such as the mainframe student system—manages day-to-day transactions.

Operational systems process data accurately and efficiently and are the best source for real-time reporting. They may not offer advanced reporting capabilities or save historical data, and the data warehouse fills this gap.

Data Warehouse Advantages

  1. Data in the warehouse is never overwritten. All historical data is saved.
  2. Less stress is put on transactional systems.
  3. Data is transformed before being written into the warehouse to allow for quicker and easier reporting.
  4. Departmental shadow systems become less of a necessity, improving overall data security.
  5. Data can be reported and compared across University content areas.

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