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instructional designer working on online course

Online Course Design

The CTE offers integrated online course design, development, and teaching support for instructors and programs across the university. We work closely with faculty members from beginning to end, providing robust pedagogical and technical consultation as well as project management support and media production services. Each faculty member with whom we work is assigned a dedicated instructional designer who provides guidance and support throughout the process.

Our support of online courses can be broken down into three overlapping pieces: instructional design, technical consultation, and media production. We assist faculty members in selecting and developing assignments and assessments that align with the course learning outcomes. We provide ideas and guidance on selecting appropriate technologies, development of teaching strategies to leverage these technologies, and the visual design and organization of the learning environment(s). Our media team works closely with faculty members and instructional designers to create a wide variety of content for the course, including graphics, animations, lecture videos, interviews, and more. The CTE approaches course design through the Universal Design for Learning framework, which emphasizes designing learning experiences to be available and useful to the widest possible range of learners.

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Online Course Design Tools

Below are examples of tools for online course interaction and content design in our ourline courses. Please note, these GIFs do not include audio.