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Fall Preparation Programs

Following on the incredible work of Boston College instructors this past spring to transform their courses to meet the demands of Emergency Remote Instruction, we now find ourselves needing to adapt to an even more complex instructional context. People across BC are working tirelessly to make it possible for students to return to campus this fall, and instructors are being asked to prepare their courses for one of three teaching modalities:

  • Adaptable Blended (courses with a mix of socially-distanced in person and online elements -- the majority of Fall 2020 courses will be offered in this modality)
  • Fully Remote (courses with a mix of synchronous and asynchronous elements)
  • Fully Online (primarily asynchronous courses)

The Center for Teaching Excellence, in collaboration with the Center for Digital Innovation in Learning and other campus partners, has developed a robust set of programs to help instructors meet the demands of preparing to teach in these various modalities this fall.

Where to Get Help

The kind of course preparation support available to you will depend on the type of course you’re teaching.  

For those who will be teaching on campus, CTE & CDIL are launching a Canvas course and corresponding workshops to prepare them for Adaptable Blended Instruction (or ABI). Find more information on our Adaptable Blended Instruction Programs page.

For those teaching fully remote courses, the CTE will soon be sharing an updated set of resources and other opportunities to support faculty in that work. Find more details on our Adaptable Remote Instruction Programs page.

For those teaching fully online courses, you will most likely work with a group in the Center for Digital Innovation in Learning to develop that course. You can expect to hear from CDIL staff soon (if you haven’t already) about getting started with an online course design working group.