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Screen grab of captioning talk

Video Captioning Pilot

The Video Captioning pilot took place during the Spring of 2016, and was lead by the CTE in partnership with Professor Scott Lapinski, instructor in the Lynch School of Education. The CTE set out to understand accessibility best practices more deeply, as well as legal requirements for accessible video content. Lapinski was teaching an online course focused on accessibility, and wanted to model best practices with his course content. The CTE captioned 12 videos produced by Lapinski, totalling 115 minutes, and tracked the process to compare the time and cost to outside vendors.

Overall, the average cost to caption one minute of video in-house was three times as expensive compared to the leading vendor in the marketplace, 3Play Media. Given the findings of the pilot, and the cost-prohibitive nature of scaling this type of service, the CTE recommended that BC not pursue an in-house captioning service for online course video content. Given that third party vendors offer this same service at a third of the cost, this option is much more cost and time efficient, and has the ability to scale as the use of online video becomes more pervasive and accessible.

Project Team

  • Lead Instructor: Scott Lapinski, LSOE
  • Project Director: Cristina Mirshekari, Director of Teaching + Learning Technology, CTE
  • Project Manager: Shirley Cho, Academic Resource + Operations Specialist, CTE
  • Instructional Research Consultant: Kim Humphrey, Faculty Programs Coordinator, CTE
  • Video Consultants: Gabriel LaRusso, Instructional Web Developer, CTE; Scott Kinder, Academic Technologist, CTE
  • Captioners: Tiffany Wang (GA), Saiful Mahmood, Anusha Manji, Allie Oliveri, Allison DoCanto, Reina Stillman, Julie Kim