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Student Engagement Survey

The CTE has developed a survey instrument specifically designed to measure student engagement in higher education courses. The aim of the instrument is to provide faculty with a detailed report about the level of engagement of their students in their course, and about suggestions students offer that they think would help them engage more deeply in the course. The Boston College Institutional Review Board (IRB) granted approval for this survey on October 17, 2016, under the category ‘exempt’ (minimal risk is involved in participating). An initial pilot phase of the engagement survey was undertaken in Spring 2017 with 465 students across 10 graduate and undergraduate courses participating. Following this successful pilot the survey has been updated to include more questions focused on potential course improvements.

There is plentiful evidence from the literature on educational psychology to suggest that student engagement has a positive association with student learning. The simple idea behind this is that  more engaged students are more likely to engage in productive learning. This is because more engaged students are more interactive students, meaning that they utilize learning strategies that enhance their success in achieving learning outcomes. Hence, by improving engagement, student learning can potentially be enhanced. The CTE’s engagement survey is oriented toward understanding student engagement and thus provides relevant information to faculty to help them make informed decisions when considering changes to their courses.

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Project Team

Project Director: Jorge Mahecha, Research and Assessment Consultant, CTE

Implementation Consultants: Shirley Cho, Academic Resources and Operations Specialist, CTE; John FitzGibbon, Programs Manager, CTE