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The Mindful Teacher

Web page titled "The Mindful Teacher: Reclaiming Peace and Cultivating Attention in Education

Dennis Shirley, professor in the the Lynch School of Education at Boston College, received an Academic Technology Innovation Grant to create The Mindful Teacher website, a resource for teachers and school administrators interested in the emerging intersections between mindfulness and education. Its goal is to provide a curated collection of regularly-updated content presented in an easily accessible format for educators from around the world.

IDeS worked closely with Professor Shirley throughout the project, providing project management and consulting to guide the project from conceptualization through site design and building. IDeS coordinated the efforts of a project team that included Professor Shirley, managing editor Michael O’Connor, audio and video production specialists at Boston College, and external web design and development consultants. The final product not only serves as a unique resource for teachers, but also as a tool to support Professor Shirley’s ongoing work in educational research and teacher education.

The site's features include:

  • guided meditations for teachers, narrated by Professor Shirley;
  • reviews of mindfulness apps and other resources for meditation practice;
  • a series of interviews with educators and mindfulness experts;
  • articles on research on the science of mindfulness and its role in learning;
  • opportunities for educators to discuss their experiences of bringing mindfulness into school settings.

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More about the project: "Lynch School Professor Extols 'Mindful Teaching'" from The Boston College Chronicle

Project Team

Project Director

  • Dennis Shirley Professor LSOE

Managing Editor

  • Michael O’Connor Graduate Assistant LSOE '18

Project Manager

  • Tim Lindgren Senior Instructional Designer IDeS

Graphic Designer

Web Developer

  • Brad Mering

Video Consultant

  • Rich Scheiber Video Production Specialist MTS

Audio Editor

  • Jonathan Sage Audio & Event Services Supervisor MTS