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Spanish Placement Exam Redesign

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Romance Languages & Literatures, Silvana Falconi, set out in the summer of 2015 to redesign the Spanish placement test which most students are required to take in order to continue their study of Spanish at BC. Falconi sought to design a more comprehensive exam that would match students with the most appropriate level Spanish course. During this time Falconi worked closely with the CTE to redesign the test in Canvas, making use of the platform’s quizzing and “mastery paths” functionality, to deliver an adaptive assessment. Falconi worked with Research Services to evaluate each test question.

Falconi ran three pilots before launching the redesigned test in Canvas in June 2017 for over 600 students.

Project Team

  • Project Director: Professor Silvana Falconi
  • Project Manager: Helen Healy, Manager of Learning Technologies, CTE
  • LMS Consultant: Kelly Duquette, Instructional Technology Consultant, CTE
  • Support team: Cindy Bravo, Director, Language Laboratory; Mike Gallagher, Director of Technology Consultation +  Implementation, ITS