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Generation Pulse


Now in its fourth year, the web site GenerationPulse is reaching further in its mission to promote awareness and action on behalf of social justice. With the help of an ATIG, faculty director Belle Liang and a team of students from the Lynch School of Education launched a new version of the site last spring. The new site harnesses the power of social networking tools and provides a platform for digital "postcards" where students at BC and around the world submit postcards as an outreach to their peers. Liang continues to use the site in Adolescent Psychology courses, and plans to pilot broader uses with educators in local schools.

Belle Liang and Sarah Castricum expand further on the project in the publication Transformation in Teaching: Social Media Strategies in Higher Education.

Project Team

Project Director

  • Belle Liang Counseling, Developmental and Educational Psychology (LSOE)

Student Leadership Team

  • Cara Christ  GLSOE '11
  • Ruth Case LSOE '12
  • Meg Commins GLSOE '13
  • Nicole Duffy GLSOE '14
  • Alexis Reid GLSOE '10
  • Sam Hay LSOE '10

Project Manager

  • Jeanne Po Assistant Director IDeS

Website Development Coordinator

  • Sarah Castricum Instructional Designer IDeS

Website Development

  • Brad Mering Web Developer

Web Design

  • Lance Troxel Web Designer This by Them