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Forgotten Chapters

forgotten chapters

Prof. Lewis received several grants to curate the exhibition "Forgotten Chapters of Boston’s Literary History," hosted at the Boston Public Library and the Massachusetts Historical Society in the spring of 2012. One of these grants was an ATIG to create an exhibit website to provide mobile content in the exhibit and make the content available online. He used this as an opportunity to collaborate with students, and have them conduct scholarly work in the digital humanities and generate content for both the exhibit and website. In doing so, he created a richer and more collaborative way to teach 19th century literature and culture and, he created a valuable online resource that will be available to the public after the exhibit is finished.

IDeS managed the development of the exhibit website and supported Prof. Lewis and his students in creating more than 140 pages of multimedia exhibit content. The site also featured a mobile audio component that visitors could listen to on their mobile devices while exploring the exhibit, (the first ever smart-phone based audio tour at the Boston Public Library and Massachusetts Historical Society) and an interactive map of Boston that highlights sites associated with pre-1860 literature.

Prof. Lewis designed a course that involved students from the start in discussing and researching topics and generating content for the exhibit, including the audio commentaries. This unique experience of public scholarship and digital humanities research gave students the chance to act as "citizen scholars" and contribute to a public resource that fosters a deeper appreciation for these overlooked stories from the city's past.

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Project Team

Project Director

  • Prof. Paul Lewis Dept. of English (A&S)

Project Manager

  • Tim Lindgren Instructional Designer IDeS

Website Development

  • Brad Mering Web Developer

Graphic Design

  • Winslow Colwell WColwell Design
  • Nicholas Peter Cokonis MTS
  • The Flores Group

Audio Recording, Editing

  • Jonathan Sage MTS

Student Assistant

  • Nick Clements A&S