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First Hand Exhibit

first hand exhibit

Shelia Gallagher and Judy Bookbinder of the Fine Arts department developed the Becker Collection website, a unique online archive of hitherto un-exhibited and undocumented Civil War era drawings that offer rich insight into history and culture of the 19th Century America. To enable the public to view these pieces in person for the first time, they collaborated with the university art museum to host an exhibit of selected drawings from the collection called “First Hand: Civil War Era Drawings from the Becker Collection." Gallagher received an Academic Technology Innovation Grant to incorporate technology in ways that would enhance visitors' experience of the exhibit.

Gallagher and Bookbinder worked with Instructional Design and eTeaching Services to create a website that would showcase the drawings selected for the exhibit, featuring a photo gallery of new color scans and providing metadata, tags, and a search field for exploring the collection. An outside design firm created custom graphics to provide a unique look and feel for the site, and IDeS staff developed interface enhancements to meet the needs of an exhibit-going audience. The site was available on laptops in the exhibit for visitors to further explore the drawings, and the Discoveries section of the site published student research projects and invited visitors to contribute their own research or insights. The First Hand website offered visitors an elegant and user-friendly experience to complement their in-person encounter with this unique body of work.

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Project Team

Project Directors

  • Sheila Gallagher Dept. of Fine Arts (A&S)
  • Judy Bookbinder Dept. of Fine Arts (A&S)

Student Assistants

  • Tim McCool A&S '10
  • Michael Bell A&S '10

Project Manager

  • Tim Lindgren Instructional Designer IDeS

Website Development

  • Jamie Walker Instructional Web Developer IDeS

Web Design

  • Lance Troxel Consultant This by Them