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CTE past projects

past projects

The Center for Teaching Excellence manages pilots and large-scale projects, as well as consulting on a wide range of faculty projects.

becker collection thumb

Becker Collection

A few years ago, Sheila Gallagher began taking a closer look at a box of old drawings that had been sitting in a closet in her parents’ home. The drawings belonged to her great-grandfather, Joseph Becker, and his fellow artist-reporters who worked at Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Weekly observing, drawing, and sending back for publication images of the Civil War, the construction of the railroads, the Irish immigration, the Chinese in the West, the Indian wars, the Chicago fire, and numerous other aspects of nineteenth-century American culture.

beyond ricci thumb

Beyond Ricci

History professor Fr. Jeremy Clarke, S.J., was funded by an ATIG grant to create a website that would introduce readers to the Jesuitana Collection at the Burns Library. Because Fr. Clarke's expertise is Chinese history, he chose to focus on rare books written about China by Jesuit missionaries and to make digitized versions of several books available to the public online for the first time. The result is an engaging and visually rich resource for scholars, teachers, and students to explore East-West cultural exchange in the early modern period.


Exploring Use of TAO

The LSOE’s Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation program prepares pre-service educators, masters students, and doctoral students to develop assessment instruments. Project leader and professor Michael Russel worked with the CTE to use of a novel assessment development and administration platform called TAO.

first hand exhibit thumb

First Hand Exhibit

Shelia Gallagher and Judy Bookbinder of the Fine Arts department developed the Becker Collection website, a unique online archive of hitherto un-exhibited and undocumented Civil War era drawings that offer rich insight into history and culture of the 19th Century America. To enable the public to view these pieces in person for the first time, they collaborated with the university art museum to host an exhibit of selected drawings from the collection called “First Hand: Civil War Era Drawings from the Becker Collection." Gallagher received an Academic Technology Innovation Grant to incorporate technology in ways that would enhance visitors' experience of the exhibit.

forgotten chapters thumb

Forgotten Chapters

Prof. Lewis received several grants to curate the exhibition "Forgotten Chapters of Boston’s Literary History," hosted at the Boston Public Library and the Massachusetts Historical Society in the spring of 2012. One of these grants was an ATIG to create an exhibit website to provide mobile content in the exhibit and make the content available online. He used this as an opportunity to collaborate with students, and have them conduct scholarly work in the digital humanities and generate content for both the exhibit and website.

generation pulse thumb

Generation Pulse

The web site GenerationPulse is reaching further in its mission to promote awareness and action on behalf of social justice. With the help of an ATIG, faculty director Belle Liang and a team of students from the Lynch School of Education launched a new version of the site last spring.


MediaKron Special Projects

ATAB invited faculty to submit a proposal for developing a MediaKron project and to join a cohort of faculty developing similar projects. MediaKron is a web-based toolkit for digital thinking and storytelling developed at Boston College for Boston College faculty.

screen shot of mindful teacher website

mindful teacher

The Mindful Teacher website is a resource for teachers and school administrators interested in the emerging intersections between mindfulness and education. Its goal is to provide a curated collection of regularly-updated content presented in an easily accessible format for educators from around the world.

Doctoral Program in Social Welfare

Online Courses in Social Welfare

In AY2013-2014, GSSW launched an International Doctoral Program in Social Welfare, in collaboration with two Jesuit universities in Mexico and with funding from Santander Universities Foundation. The initial cohort includes one student from Universidad Iberoamericana, one from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (ITESO) and six from Boston College.


Personal Response System Pilot

The CTE conducted a faculty pilot of two software‐based personal response tools, Top Hat and Poll Everywhere, that fulfill a range of faculty use cases. Faculty and CTE staff eventually decided on Poll Everywhere, which has been adopted by the University in addition to iClicker.

roma thumb

Roma: Caput Mundi

One of the most challenging pedagogical aspects of art history is to recreate the original context of art and architecture while teaching in the classroom. Through a collaboration between Stephanie Leone, O'Neill Library, and Instructional Design and eTeaching Services, Roma: Caput Mundi was created to facilitate students' understanding of Rome as a physical entity. By navigating the map and interacting with the monuments, students take a virtual tour of Renaissance and Baroque Rome, which helps them to learn about the interrelationships between monuments and the urban environment.

shelley thumb

The Shelley Project

“The Shelley Project” was developed by IDeS and Mark O’Connor of the Arts and Sciences Honors Program with funding from the Davis Foundation. The Flash-application provides a contextual exploration of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein through the art of J. David, Géricault, Delacroix and Turner, and the music of Paganini, Liszt, Brahms, Rachmaninoff, Berlioz, Mozart, Beethoven, Monteverdi and Gregorian Chant.

two students taking an exam

Spanish Placement Exam

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Romance Languages & Literatures, Silvana Falconi, set out in the summer of 2015 to redesign the Spanish placement test which most students are required to take in order to continue their study of Spanish at BC.

virtual forensics thumb

Virtual Forensics Lab

Nursing professor Ann Burgess received an ATIG grant to develop a unique tool for teaching forensic science through game-based learning. In the past, she simply used manikins and fake blood to create a simulated crime scene for her students to examine, but her goal was to create a richer and more interactive environment for learning forensics methods.

walking ulysses thumb

Walking Ulysses

English professor Joe Nugent received an ATIG grant to develop an interactive map for exploring James Joyce’s novel Ulysses. This unique learning tool plots the journeys of the novel’s main characters through Dublin on June 6, 1904, giving students a virtual means for experiencing what the city was like around the turn of the twentieth century.