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Domain of One’s Own

The Domain of One’s Own project is co-led by the CTE’s Teaching and Learning Technology team, and the Library’s Digital Scholarship group. Funded by an Exploratory Technology Grant, the CTE and Library seek to explore the potential of Domain of One’s Own which provides a cloud hosted, secure and scalable platform for students and faculty to have their own digital web presence. Domain supports popular applications such as WordPress, Omeka, Scalar, and Drupal, and makes it possible for students and faculty to take their web projects with them after they leave Boston College. Domain could potentially provide a more efficient way to distribute WordPress, Omeka, and perhaps MediaKron sites to Boston College faculty and students. Domain will be piloted with a handful of courses during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Project Team

  • Project Directors: Cristina Mirshekari, Director of Teaching + Learning Technology, CTE; Sarah Melton, Head of Digital Scholarship, O’Neill Library
  • Project Managers: Tim Lindgren, Senior Instructional Designer, CTE; Stephen Sturgeon, Senior Digital Scholarship Librarian, O’Neill Library
  • Technical Consultants: Jamie Walker, Instructional Web Developer, CTE; Ramiro Oliva, Senior Applications Developer, ITS