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Eteaching Day 2013

2013 Eteaching Day

Morning sessions

From Childbirth to Shakespeare: Teaching with MediaKron Across the Disciplines

  • Colleen Simonelli (CSON) and Caroline Bicks English Dept. (A&S)

The MediaKron Project Poster Session

  • Boston College, Boston University, Bucknell University, Clark University, Dartmouth College, Providence College, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Expanding the Pedagogical Uses of MediaKron: From Heal the World to Steel of the World

  • Stephen Buonopane Civil and Environmental Engineering, Bucknell University, Debra Sarlin Bucknell University, and Jill Rulfs Biology and Biotechnology Dept., Worcester Polytechnic Institute


From Memex to YouTube: Cognition, Learning, and the Internet

  • Dr. Gardner Campbell Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Twin Awards

2013 twin award winners
  • Paul Cichello Economics Dept. (A&S)
  • Seung-A Jin Communication Dept. (A&S)
  • Joseph Nugent English Dept. (A&S)
  • Colleen Simonelli (CSON)
  • Gregory Stoller (CSOM)
  • The MediaKron Project


Creating Interactive eBooks with iBooks Author

  • Bryan Blakeley IDeS, Mary Cronin CSOM, Kirsten Fertuck Biology Dept., Evan Kantrowitz Chemistry Dept., and Michael Malec Sociology Dept.

MediaKron and Digital Humanities

  • Lindsay Whitacre O'Neill Library and Tim Lindgren IDeS

Mobile Computing for BC Courses

  • Sarah Castricum IDeS and Scott Kinder IDeS

Online Education as a Tool to Link Jesuit Universities Across the Americas

  • Jim Lubben GSSW, Kevin Mahoney GSSW, and Drew Reynolds IDeS

Using MediaKron to Create Interactive Course Content