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2010 eteaching day and Luncheon


Using Lecture Capture

  • Peter Wilson Dept. of Accounting (CSOM), Carolyn Wilson Dept. of Accounting (CSOM), and Greg Stoller (CSOM)

Walking Ulysses: Joyce's Dublin Today

  • Joe Nugent English Dept. (A&S) and Tim Lindgren IDeS
  • Website

GenerationPulse: Social Networking for Social Justice

  • Belle Liang LSOE


This is How We Think: Learning in Public After the Paradigm Shift

  • Dr. Richard E. Miller Rutgers University and Dr. Paul D. Hammond Rutgers University

TWIN Awards

Summa Cum Laude

  • Rosanna DeMarco Dept. of Community Health Nursing (CSON)
  • Joseph Nugent Dept. of English (A&S)
  • Peter Wilson Dept. of Accounting (CSOM)

Magna Cum Laude

  • Joseph Burdo Dept. of Biology (A&S)
  • Judith McMorrow Boston College Law School
  • Katherine McNeill Dept. of Teacher Education (LSOE)
  • Stephen Schloesser Dept. of History (A&S)



Emerging Technologies for Teaching

  • Tim Lindgren IDeS and Jeanne Po IDeS

Tips and Tricks for Using Blackboard Vista

  • Helen Healy IDeS and Beth Healey IDeS

Wimba Tools

  • Jen Wade IDeS

Lecture Capture

  • Scott Kinder IDeS and Jamie Walker IDeS

Library Lightning Round

  • O'Neill Library staff
  • Meg Commins IDeS and Patrick Farace i>clicker


  • Sarah Castricum IDeS and Austin Mason IDeS


Teaching Public Health: Integrating Matter and Method Through Technology

April 23, 2010

Rosanna DeMarco CSON presented on the work she has done to develop her new course, NU 210 Public Health: the Science of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. DeMarco presented the resources she is using, from Blackboard Vista to a wiki for collaborative work on case studies, to virtual presentations in the classroom by colleagues from Newton Health Department and Boston Public Health Commission.