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The Junior Faculty Conversations on Teaching are designed to provide faculty in their first years at BC an opportunity to reflect on their teaching in conversation with colleagues from across the university. These informal, lunchtime sessions are held throughout the academic year and focus on a different broad topic or question each month. Faculty are welcome to attend as few or as many of the lunches as they would like.

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The Center for Teaching Excellence is committed to providing equal access to its events and programs. Individuals with disabilities who anticipate needing accommodations or who have questions about physical access may contact

Spring 2020

Tapping into Student Motivation

Thursday, February 13, 12:00-1:00, CTE (O'Neill 246)

Motivation for learning can be a complex mixture of forces, from pursuing extrinsic rewards (like grades) to exploring an interest for its own sake. How can we maximize intrinsic forms of motivation, while being realistic in meeting students where they are? In this session we'll consider factors, some visible and some more hidden, that influence our students' attitudes to their work. We'll share ideas for fostering student ownership of learning, across class levels and course settings.

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Teaching Intentionally with Technology

Monday, March 23, 12:00-1:00, CTE (O'Neill 246)

Beyond its potential for convenience and engagement as well as distraction, technology can have unexpected consequences for teaching and learning. It can change our sense of ourselves, our communities, and what constitutes meaningful knowledge. We'll talk in this session about how instructional technology has changed both our practices in teaching, and the way we think about it. We'll discuss how we make decisions around the use of technology in the classroom, and the values, costs and experiences that inform our decisions.

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Teaching in an Era of Gun Violence

Tuesday, April 14, 12:00-1:00, CTE (O'Neill 246)

In our current national climate of frequent school shootings, our teaching and learning contexts are increasingly shaped by the threat of gun violence. For instructors, this reality also raises pedagogical questions: How, if at all, do faculty talk with students about safety preparedness? What does it look like to facilitate a fruitful classroom climate given this broader context? How do faculty understand “classroom safety” when their personal schooling histories may also have been shaped by the shadow of gun violence? In this session, instructors will have a chance to share questions, concerns, strategies, and philosophies with one another and will access some outside resources on the subject.

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