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Flipped Classroom

As more faculty 'flip' their classrooms at Boston College, the Center for Teaching Excellence convened this cohort for instructors to think together about how to approach this pedagogical shift with their students. In this cohort participants considered key factors such as: the level of the course, the subject matter of the course, the size of the course, the instructor’s own familiarity with the flipped classroom, the ways in which the course is being flipped, and the way the rest of that instructor’s department and school are integrating flipped pedagogy.

  • Mike Barnett (Teacher Education)
  • Maureen Connolly (Nursing)
  • Nanci Haze (Nursing)
  • Annie Homza (Teacher Education)
  • Sean MacEvoy (Psychology)
  • Colleen Simonelli (Nursing)
  • Carolyn Wilson (Accounting)
  • Pete Wilson (Accounting)
  • Ellen Winner (Psychology)
  • George Wyner (Information Systems)


The Academic Technology Advisory Board (ATAB), a committee of the Office of the Provost that supports the innovative use of technology in teaching, generously funded the MediaKron cohort for 2015-2016 as part of their Special Projects funding. ATAB sought applications from faculty who were interested in developing a MediaKron project for one of their 2015-2016 courses. MediaKron is a web-based toolkit for digital thinking and storytelling developed at Boston College for Boston College faculty. Faculty have found MediaKron a useful tool both for organizing and communicating content to their students and as a platform for students to engage in multimedia projects as part of the course. Inviting students to go beyond the traditional essay can open up new possibilities for creative and critical engagement with the course. Visit the MediaKron website to see examples of past MediaKron projects.

  • Scott Cummings (Theater)
  • Stephanie Leone (Art History)
  • Nancy Netzer (Art History)
  • Joe Nugent (English)
  • Bonnie Rudner (English)
  • Johann Sadock (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  • Martin Scanlan (Educational Leadership and Higher Education)
  • David Scanlon (Teacher Education)
  • Laurie Shepard (Romance Languages and Literatures)
  • Amy Smith (Nursing)
  • Eric Weiskott (English)
  • Laura White (Nursing)
  • Christopher Wilson (English)
  • Lichuan Ye (Nursing)