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Kit Baum


Faculty Microcomputer Resource Center

Kit Baum

Christopher F ("Kit") Baum received the PhD in economics from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor in 1977 and joined the Boston College faculty that fall. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1983 and to Professor in 2013, also receiving a courtesy appointment in the School of Social Work (SSW) at that time. He has been a moderator of the Faculty Micro Resource Center (FMRC) since 2001, primarily responsible for web and database services and on-line elections. He has been active in several University committees involving planning and evaluation of academic computing services, and was an influential advocate of bringing the Eduroam network to the BC campus.

His research has included macroeconomics and monetary economics as well as applied econometrics. Baum has developed widely used econometric software and authored two books on applied econometrics and programming in the Stata statistical language. His current research interests also involve several projects in public health, some making use of 'big data' on mothers and children, in collaboration with researchers at SSW and off-campus. He has offered training courses in applied econometric research to international organizations, research institutes and central banks.