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James Walker

Instructional Web Developer

James Walker

Jamie is the CTE’s Instructional Web Developer and also teaches the course Exploring the Internet in the Woods College of Advancing Studies at Boston College. Jamie’s expertise includes the development of database-driven web sites and web applications using php, asp, and Cold Fusion as the head of his own consulting business, Highrock Interactive. This experience informs his current work at the CTE with Linux servers, php/mysql-based application development, Drupal and, more recently, MVC application frameworks.

Prior to joining Boston College in 2006, Jamie spent ten years producing CD-ROM, video, and web applications for companies across a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, publishing, hi-tech, and education. His responsibilities ranged from overseeing day-to-day operations and soliciting new work, to the creation of project specifications and managing all aspects of project development and production. Jamie has also taught Physical and Historical Geology at Bentley University (Waltham, MA) and has toured internationally as singer, songwriter, and guitarist of the roots-rock band Swinging Steaks (Capricorn/Warner Brothers). He holds a B.A. in Geology from Boston University.