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The Boston College Center for Teaching Excellence supports instructors throughout their careers to create engaging and inclusive learning environments for their students. We invite instructors to explore new pedagogical and technological approaches in their pursuit of teaching excellence. We partner with faculty and graduate student instructors to foster a culture of reflective teaching and to cultivate a supportive community of scholars through collaboration and informed conversation about teaching.

In support of this mission, we embrace the following values:

We serve.  We seek to be a reliable source of support for faculty and all others committed to BC’s mission of student learning and formation. We strive to help faculty find joy and meaning in their teaching throughout their careers and to celebrate instructors’ efforts “ever to excel” in the classroom.

We learn.  We approach our work from a place of critical curiosity — intentionally and continually working to expand our understanding of teaching and learning in higher education and in the Jesuit tradition — both through our engagement with the larger research literature as well as through our own systematic investigation into the impacts of our work.

We lead.  We advocate to improve the teaching and learning environment at Boston College, and we inspire faculty to think in new and creative ways about their teaching.

We connect.  We recognize the power of human connection in our work and seek to bridge the gaps that limit the potential of BC’s teaching community. We help individuals find community, we translate across silos, and we actively seek out partnerships with others supporting teaching at BC.

We adapt.  We shape our approach in response to the needs of the institution and to the particular contexts presented by the students, instructors, departments, and schools that we work with and work for.

We practice inclusion.  We intentionally and actively work to attend to questions of diversity, justice, and accessibility in all that we do, and we engage in regular self-reflection about the role we play in cultivating a welcoming and inclusive environment at BC.

Annual Report

Read about the CTE's latest developments in its 2018-2019 Annual Report.