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It is the policy of UCS not to release any information regarding any students use of the services or personal matters discussed with a counselor. Under the following circumstances, counseling information could be disclosed to others. 

  1. A student who has used our services may authorize UCS to release records or to disclose other information to individuals of the client's choosing. Normally this process requires written consent.
  2. In certain circumstances, psychologists are legally and ethically required to breach confidentiality. For example, if a student reveals information indicating clear and imminent danger to self or others, the psychologist may contact appropriate authorities or family members. Such disclosure would be solely for the purpose of providing the necessary emergency care or protection.
  3. The law requires the notification of the appropriate agency when a student reveals on-going abuse or neglect of a child or elderly person.
  4. Confidential information may be ordered by the court in certain legal proceedings. This is a rare occurrence and would only happen with the student's knowledge.
  5. With a student's permission, a counselor may record an audio or video tape of the sessions for supervisory review. However, the content of these tapes would not be disclosed to others without the client's written consent.