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Year End Expenditure Guidelines FY20

office of the controller

Welcome to the Year End Expenditure Guidelines web page.  In compliance with standard audit procedures for Colleges and Universities, we have established departmental deadlines for the remainder of FY20 for delivery of goods and services by Friday, May 29.  However, due to the coronavirus pandemic and financial impact on the University, spending limits and controls are in place for the remainder of FY20 and FY21. 

Please review these FY20 and FY21 dates and the detailed guidelines with those individuals in your department who have budget and purchasing responsibilities within PeopleSoft.

If you have any questions about the Year End Expenditure Guidelines, please contact Greg Moore at 2-3362, or

FY20 Year End Online Training Presentation

The FY20 PeopleSoft Financials Year End Training video offered by Procurement Services and the Budget Office will provide you with detailed information on how to review, process and prepare for the closing of FY20 and the preparation for FY21.  We strongly encourage all PeopleSoft Users to watch this video to ensure financial transactions are completed in the proper fiscal year.     


 Then select the play button in the center to start the video.


Important Deadlines for FY20

On Hold         
  • Orders for FY20 major equipment, furniture, Dell and Apple computers, and copier/multifunctional products are currently on hold for the remainder of FY20  
April 30
  • Provide Procurement Services with PO Change Order Requests for all POs with balances to be disencumbered or increased
May 1
  • Last day to complete Monthly Supplemental Temporary Budget Transfers & Supplemental Payment Requisitions
  • All FY20 service and non-service stipends must be entered, adjusted and approved
May 8
  • Temporary budget transfers from payroll positions (excluding Funds 120 and 500) must be processed and approved through workflow
May 15
  • Last day to complete weekly Supplemental Temporary (non-position related) Budget Transfers and Supplemental Payment Requisitions
  • Last day to process and approve FY20 Graduate Financial Aid - Tuition Remission Awards
May 26
  • P-Card Temporary Budget Transfers for FY20 by 3:00pm
May 28
  • Final day for FY20 P-Card use
May 29 The following FY20 tasks must be completed ON OR BEFORE May 29th:
  • All Vouchers and Expense Reports, including approvals
    • Fund Codes 2xx, 6xx, 500, 120 and 810/820 - complete by 10 am
    • Other Fund Codes - complete by 12 noon
  • General PO's - Non Equipment Purchases for goods received or services rendered in FY20
  • Deposits of cash, checks and credit cards 
PeopleSoft Financials will be SHUT DOWN at 12 NOON for year-end processing. 


Important Dates for FY21

April 17      
  • Begin review of previous year agreements
April 29
  • Begin Requisitions for long lead time POs that comply with the new guidelines
  • Begin Requisitions for Purchase Order Agreements
  • Begin Budget Transfers for FY21
  • Begin Budget Transfers for P-Cards for FY21
  • Create Service and Non Service Stipends for Summer 2020
  • Create Service and Non Service Stipends for 2020-2021 Academic Year (pending further guidance)
  • Create Summer 2020 hires for students (except Funds 2xx, 6xx). Please refer to Student Employment's April 27th communication.
April 30
  • Last day for written 30-day notice to most suppliers to reduce or eliminate a service in FY21.  
May 15
  • Commitments for renewal pricing provided to vendors
  • Complete all new agreements for FY21
May 22
  • Last day for FY21 P-Card transfers for 6/3 availability
June 2
  • FY21 Fund 810 Budgets available
  • FY21 Gift Budgets available for Funds 2xx and 6xx
  • PeopleSoft Procurement and Financials available for FY21
  • Reprint BC Department Mail Form/Barcode for FY21 postage using the BC mailroom     
June 3
  • P-Cards with FY21 funding available by 12pm