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Policies, Procedures & Forms

office of the controller

Information on various Boston College financial policies, procedures and forms is provided below:


Paying Independent Contractors, Employees, and Students:

How to Pay Independent Contractors, Employees, and Students

Independent Contractor Presentation

Independent Contractor Policy

Independent Contractor Questionnaire

Flowchart - How to pay a Student

Flowchart - How to Pay a Current Non Term Appointed Employee


Wiring to Foreign Countries:

Effective 1/2/2018, foreign vendors paid by wire must be set up in PeopleSoft Financials.  Before sending a wire request to the Controller's Office, please create a voucher for the USD equivalent of the wire.  Please contact Accounts Payable for more information about this process, or refer to the step-by-step instructions posted on the BC Financial System website under Working with Vouchers

Complete a Foreign Vendor Wire Configuration Form to set up a new foreign vendor in the University's wire system, or to update an existing foreign vendor's wire instructions.  

Complete a Foreign Vendor Wire Transfer Request Form for each wire payment requested.  The PeopleSoft Financials Vendor # and Voucher ID are now required on this form. 

Click on the links to the wire forms and instructions below:

Foreign Vendor Wire Configuration Form

Instructions - How to Complete a Wire Configuration Form

Foreign Vendor Wire Transfer Request Form  

Instructions - How to Complete a Wire Transfer Request Form

NOTE:  Depending on a country's payment formatting requirements, additional bank information may be required.  Russia, Japan, China, Middle Eastern countries, and countries on the government sanctioned list often require additional information for a wire to be processed. 

For the most current information required to wire to any country, click the link Western Union's Payment Formatting Guidelines.   

Please fax the wire forms, invoice and supporting documentation to 617-552-0757, or deliver to the Controller's Office at 129 Lake St., Room 440.  Contact 2-3375 for more information.

Direct your foreign wire inquires to email foreignwires@bc.eduA member of the Controller's Office will respond as soon as possible.


Cell Phone/PDA:

Cell Phone/PDA Policy

Policy Implementation Guidelines

Allowance Request Form


Payment Cards

This section of the website outlines Boston College's payment card process.  Key contact information and important documentation are included.  This applies to cases where Boston College accepts payment cards, not for outgoing payments via "PCard".

Payment Card Policy

Data Security Policy Directive

Payment Card Processing Requst & Agreement Form

Accepting Payment Card Assessment

Joint Ventures:

Joint Venture Policy


Record Retention and Destruction:

Record Retention and Destruction Policy

Record Retention and Destruction Guidelines

Please visit the University Policies page for further information on Retention of University Documents and Records. 


Plant Fund Policies & Procedures:

Capital Equipment Policy

Transfer of Capital Equipment to External Parties

Capitalization and Depreciation of Property, Plant, and Equipment


Gift Card Policy:

Gift Card Policy


Red Flags Program:

Boston College Red Flags Program


Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act 2009

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the current Credit Card Marketing Agreement at Boston College, please write to:

Joyce King
University Controller
Boston College
140 Commonwealth Ave.
129 Lake St., Room 440C
Chestnut Hill, MA  02467