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Performance Management Program


The Boston College Performance Management Program aims to:

  • Promote and support the development and application of the talents of individual employees within a diverse workforce
  • Promote and build upon continuous dialogue regarding performance between supervisor and employee
  • Enable employees to understand and evaluate their work in relation to the work of the department as a whole
  • Promote the alignment of employee work goals with department and University goals
  • Provide the opportunity for employee and supervisor to identify performance attributes/competencies that objectively appraise work performance
  • Assist employees in developing new knowledge and skills by setting professional development goals and encouraging ongoing discussion about progress made
  • Depend upon a management that is committed to carrying out this philosophy

Keys to Success

  • The active participation of both employee and supervisor provides the key to success for effective performance management.
  • Utilization of University sponsored and other employee development resources.

Additional Information

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