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Senior Week Activities & Residence Hall Closing

Senior Week Activities

Senior Week activities are scheduled for the third week in May. Toward the end of February 2017 seniors will be notified through an email blast, banners, Facebook and the Senior Week website outlining all activities, including the Commencement Ball. These events are planned by the Senior Week Committee under the direction of the Student Programs Office.

Senior Week ticket information is mailed to December graduates in February to the address on their academic record. For additional information about Senior Week activities call 617-552-3492, email or visit the Senior Week website. Please check the Senior Week website for up-to-date information.

Dean of Students Advisory on Senior Week Activities

Senior Week is a springtime rite of passage on the Heights. The week offers seniors a special opportunity to commemorate their time together and celebrate their status as rising alumni. The Office of the Dean of Students (DOS) reminds seniors that the University's Community Standards prevail throughout this period. As members of the Boston College community, students are expected to respect and adhere to all University policies throughout Senior Week. It is important to note that violations of University policy that occur during Senior Week may result in disciplinary action that could jeopardize one's status at Boston College.

Residence Hall Closing Information (Move Out)

The University residence halls will officially close at 8:00 p.m. on Commencement Day. To alleviate prolonged delays and heavy traffic congestion after the School diploma ceremonies, we request your cooperation with the following recommendations.

  1. Please review complete residence hall closing information.
  2. In advance of Commencement, pack and bring or send home items no longer needed, e.g. winter clothing.
  3. Pack personal belongings and remove all non-BC furniture during Senior Week.
  4. Please be prepared to move immediately after the ceremonies.
  5. Lower Campus roadways are ONE WAY from the entrance at the St. Ignatius Gate to the exit at Edmonds Gate.
  6. On the day of Commencement, leave your car where it is parked until everything is ready for loading.
  7. Honor the parking permit card given to you by the Boston College Police. This stipulates a 20 minute time limit for parking outside the residence hall during the loading of personal belongings.