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***Upcoming Events***

Boston College Neighborhood Improvement Fund Information Session

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Brighton Marine Health Center


Boston College Arts Fesitval

April 23-25, 2015

Celebrating 17 years of making the Arts Pop!

With the explosive, infectious creativity of pop art inspiring our theme, the Boston College Arts Festival resturns for its 17th year to honor the arts on campus and in the surrounding community. Distinctly modern, flexible, and applicable to a variety of art forms, the vibrant colors, bold lines, and loud joy of pop art infuses our celebrations. In choosing this theme, we invite you to look at the arts anew, challenge your previous conceptions, and revitalize your spirit with the snap, flash and pop of BC's best-yet-weekend of the arts. Take in a dance showcase in the main tent on O'Neill Plaza, explore the expanded dramatic, musical and artistic programming of the Stokes Arts Tent, and revel in the musical and literary offerings of Gasson.


BC Arts Festival

Boston Shines 2015

Boston Shines 2015