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Our Vision, Mission, and Shared Values

boston college career center

Gasson Eagle Statue


All Boston College students will be empowered to pursue meaningful careers and lives.


The Boston College Career Center empowers students from all academic disciplines to incorporate their career goals into a broader sense of living a life of meaning and impact. The Center embraces the value of a liberal arts education, which prepares students to discern their gifts and talents and how they want to use them to engage the world. We assist students in complementing their exploration with active career preparation so they can connect to opportunities that help achieve their goals. To meet the needs of each student, we work with partners to foster a community of diverse support networks throughout campus and beyond to help students at every stage of their career journey. Our aim is to reflect the University's belief that career education and readiness are essential components of our Jesuit mission to engage students throughout their journey of self-discovery and personal formation.



Our shared values form the foundation of how we work at the Boston College Career Center.

Student-centered approach: We make choices that are deeply rooted in the best interests of students to empower them in their pursuit of meaningful professional opportunities and relationships.

Leadership: We strive to develop and become the leaders necessary to realize our mission. We work purposely, strategically and resourcefully. We take initiative, persevere in the face of challenges and assume responsibility for achieving ambitious, realistic, measurable results.

Sense of possibility: We approach our work with optimism, think boldly and greet new ideas openly.

Learn Continuously: We think critically and strategically in search of the best answers and approaches and reflect on past experiences and data to guide our actions for the future in our commitment to continuous improvement. We keep in mind the limitations of our own experience and actively seek out diverse perspectives to improve our work and maximize our impact.

Diversity & Inclusion: We recognize that we each bring a unique perspective to our team based on our identities and life experiences that help us do our best work. We keep in mind the limitations of our own experiences and actively seek out diverse perspectives to enrich our team and to create an inclusive environment where every individual with whom we interact feels valued, supported, and empowered.

Team: We value and respect each other.  We inspire, challenge and support one another to be our best, sustain our effort, and engage in our work with a sense of purpose towards empowering students to pursue meaningful professional opportunities and lives.